Join The Ranks Raving About Our 24/7 Premier Support and Saving up to 50% by Switching from MSFT Premier (Unified) to US Cloud.

Working with US Cloud has been a pleasure

“Every ticket I’ve opened with them has been resolved in three business days or less, including one Microsoft gave up on after three weeks.”

– Ryan Holcomb, Director of IT Infrastructure

Legendary Customer Service

“Your customer services are legendary from top to bottom. Things just get taken care of. I’m delighted.”

– Ken Lo, Horsley Bridge Partners

WOW your servers are lightning fast…

“I don’t know how your engineers do it, or what their secret is… but WOW – your servers are lightning fast. We absolutely love the speed your service provides – just awesome.”

– Chris Santini, Factory Mutual Insurance Company

Head and shoulders above the rest…

“US Cloud is the best hosting provider in the industry! As a technology consultant, I look for best-of-breed technical solutions for my clients. After evaluating several managed cloud service providers, US Cloud stands head and shoulders above the rest. Keep up the good work and stay in front of the pack.”

– Anthony Acosta, Acosta Technologies

Getting it right the first time…

“The folks at US Cloud not only are the best at providing the right kind of hosting for your needs, they also make sure to walk you through the decision process necessary to get it all setup the correct way the first time around.”

– Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP

A breath of fresh air…

“Thought customer service was dead? Not with US Cloud – they did me a big favor today! After being with a horrible host for almost 3 years, they have been a breath of fresh air. US Cloud is AWESOME.

– Jason Harris, David Evans & Associates

Love your cloud solution…

“Thank you! Your technical support team has been very helpful with numerous issues. We appreciate your service and love your managed cloud solution!”

– Aaron S., Arizona Physicians IPA-CRS

Regularly impressed by your service…

“Let me tell you that we are regularly impressed by the service and care of US Cloud, this is just another example of the “extra” that your company performs!”

– Gianni Zanetti, Haymoz Management Resources AG

Responsive, quality support…

“I just wanted to compliment your support team for the great work that they do. We have been a customer for several years using your hosting services. The responsiveness and quality of the support I have received has been consistently quick and accurate!”

– Raymond A. Rannala, Clear Blue Custom Solutions

US Cloud Support Rocks

“US Cloud support ROCKS!!! Thanks for coming to the rescue!”

– Bonnie Surma, TCSC

Going above-and-beyond to ensure success…

“Over the last couple of days we have been testing with our recently upgraded SharePoint environment and the results look very good!! This was certainly one of the more challenging projects, and as a team you all have contributed above-and-beyond to make this a success. Thank you all for your expertise and hard work!”

– JP Jongerling, Director of Business Intelligence & Database Strategy Pentair, Inc

Helped move my domain/update DNS

“The support team is great! Helped move my domain/update DNS etc. It was awesome!”

– Tony Rockwell, Sr. Program Analyst, EPM Live

Customer Support

“US Cloud customer support rocks!!! Thanks to your engineers for fixing a customer issue late at night.”

– Paul Schaeflin, Sr. Consultant, Schaeflein Consulting

Fast and on time… the BEST!

“Your service is always great. You do such a great job. You are fast and always on time. Thank you so much for the great job you do for me and our Company. You are the BEST!”

– Gail Purry-Epps, Allegis Corporate Services

Legendary Service…

“US Cloud service has been legendary over the past 2 years. We have had zero downtime and you have delivered a quality product throughout. Your efforts have allowed us to focus on growing our business and leveraging the great technology you maintain. Thank you.”

– Louis C McDavid III, Director of IT, Risk Strategies

Positively affecting people’s lives…

“I want to thank you so much for discovering the exact cause of our original problem. You called us and after just a few minutes you correctly troubleshooted the problem and applied the appropriate changes. We greatly appreciate your efforts and skills. You should go home today feeling just a little better knowing that you have done a great job of positively affecting peoples lives.”

– Rex & Sara Dee, Party Plan Stars

The mark of a good company…

“Thanks for responding to my message in such detail. It shows how seriously you take this issue. The mark of a good company is how their staff responds to a question. Keep up the good work!”

– Kevin Yellick, Owner, Meritor Technology

Very refreshing level of support…

“I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your assistance with setting up our WSS server. Your technical support has been very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. We have had some bad experiences with hosting in the past and your level of support so far has been very refreshing. On the occasion we get to recommend such services we will definitely recommend your company.”

– Carroll G. Dase, President, Drivven. Inc.

Kindness and persistence…

“I just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the excellent customer service provided by your team at US Cloud. I was first contacted out of the blue a couple of weeks ago to see if they could be of any assistance. Not only did they help bring closure to a persistent support ticket, but also helped rationalize the procurement of an Enterprise SharePoint Server for my business. All this… with kindness, persistence and an obvious focus servicing my needs wherever practical. Your assistance has been very appreciated.”

– Patrick Colbeck, Perspective Shifts, LLC

Excellent Responsiveness…

“Your responsiveness was excellent. It was exactly what Hewlett Packard expected.”

– Mauricio Giraldo, IT Director, Netting Solutions

Going the Extra Mile…

“Just wanted to share my experience with the technical folks at US Cloud. They handled a complex migration for us moving from an older virtual system to a dedicated MOSS hosting environment. We had several customizations to move and they provided a guiding hand along each step of the way. They went the extra mile to ensure that any issues were rapidly resolved and the migration process didn’t miss a beat. Thanks again to the great folks at US Cloud!”

– Thomas H. Chapin, Director of Knowledge Mgmt. & Collaboration, WBB Consulting

This will change the way we do business…

“I can’t tell you how excited the organization is about this tool and the performance gains we’ve been seeing on the dedicated server. It will change the way we do business.”

– Richard N. Love, Global Exec. Director, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

Friendly, responsive and honest…

“I’ve been working with US Cloud for over 3 years – they have been hosting all of the sites for my rather unique business. We’ve been through a lot together, and I can honestly say that the support team has, without exception, responded to crisis and everyday problems with a calm professionalism that can only be called amazing.

When I call in, they are friendly, responsive, and honest about what is going on. Not even once during my relationship with US Cloud, has anyone been abrupt or rude. Your support staff has earned an “A” from me!”

– Carol Galloway, Owner, Artistic Technology

We clearly made the right choice…

“We phoned Microsoft directly to vent our frustrations with our current WSS site and they determined that much of the problem was our current hosting company’s implementation of the site. We asked them for 10 MOSS references whom we could contact. Eight of the ten responded and all of them are hosted by US Cloud. So it was not hard to choose where to host our new Server. With the kind correspondence and the immediate response of your knowledgeable support staff, I can see we made the right choice. Thanks again! ”

– Guy Warner, CEO, Pareto Energy LTD