AWS Premier Support from US Cloud Delivers Comprehensive Support for AWS. Save up to 50% and Receive 5x Faster Response Times From AWS-certified US Teams.

Microsoft support for business (Premier) and enterprise (Unified) - cost savings at US Cloud
Save 30% to 50%
versus Microsoft
Microsoft Support - 15 Minute Response Time at US Cloud
15 Minute
Response from

Live Engineer
Microsoft Support (Premier/Unified) - All US Citizen Engineers at US Cloud
All US Citizens
100,000 Microsoft Support Tickets - MSFT Support Escalation at US Cloud
100k Tickets
Resolved +
MSFT Escalations
Microsoft Products Supported 20+ Years - US Cloud
20+ Years
MSFT Product
Microsoft Support (Premier/Unified) - Fortune 500 Enterprises Trust US Cloud
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Fortune 500

Why You Need AWS Premier Support

AWS Premier Support Cost Savings with US Cloud

Save up to 50%
vs Amazon AWS + Microsoft Unified Azure Rapid Response Support

AWS Premier Support Better Response Time with US Cloud

5x Faster Response
than AWS + Azure support response time, resolve Cloud issues quickly

All US Citizens with US Cloud AWS Premier Support

Never Off-Shored
AWS Premier support is All-American (literally) and ITAR/DFARS compliant

US Cloud AWS Premier Support for Amazon AWS plus Microsoft Azure Clouds

Amazon AWS Expertise
Collaborate with a trusted account manger who’s invested in your priorities


100,000 Tickets Solved
Written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations when necessary

Holistic Enterprise Support Across All Your Technology Platforms – Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and AWS

Comprehensive support for Microsoft/Cisco/VMware, cloud, hybrid and on-premises

up to 50% AWS + Azure Support Cost Savings

Recent analyst research shows that most AWS + Microsoft Premier Support (including Azure) customers will see a 30-60% price increase when Microsoft switches to Unified Support. US Cloud saves you up to 50% with its AWS Premier Support because you only buy the AWS support hours you need.

Amazon AWS Premier Support Cost Savings at US Cloud - Analyst Research


Early reports from both industry analysts and client companies point to a significant price increase on the horizon for AWS + Microsoft Premier Support customers. As companies are forced to transition to Unified Support, some industry experts are predicting 25%-30% increases (or more) for a large portion of the Premier Support base. Recent reports from the field are turning up examples that are much higher, with multiple clients reporting support price increases of over 40%, and even some instances of costs mushrooming to over 100%.

5x Faster AWS + Azure Response

15-minute Response SLA at US Cloud Premier Support

Is your AWS + Azure issue business critical? US Cloud will respond to your AWS/Azure support ticket in fifteen minutes or less – 5x faster than Microsoft. Receive prioritized AWS problem resolution for your most complex AWS issues. Get the fastest prioritized response times for AWS with 24×7 elevated break/fix support and access to designated support engineers (DSE). Amazon AWS Premier Support offers the top problem resolution services to you.


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AWS Premier Support from US Cloud is All-American (literally) and ITAR/DFARS compliant. You will never be transferred to a call center overseas. Maximize AWS platform availability with All-American Amazon AWS service delivery. AWS Premier Support includes service delivery from 100% USA-based designated support engineers (DSE). US Cloud AWS Premier Support service delivery is never off-shored. Recover faster or prevent service disruptions altogether with reliable Amazon AWS support delivered entirely by US citizens.


US Cloud is an Amazon AWS Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with more than two decades of AWS + Azure experience supporting global enterprises using AWS and all Microsoft technologies.  We are AWS plus Microsoft Azure certified Plus Cisco and VMware covering cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments.  Leverage US Cloud Amazon AWS expertise to optimize your AWS platform with AWS consults, AWS roadmaps, or AWS risk assessments.

US Cloud is an Amazon AWS Partner

100,000 Tickets Solved

AWS Premier Support from US Cloud has resolved more than 100,000 tickets for clients. US Cloud also offers written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations if necessary. As part of this AWS escalation process to Amazon, US Cloud white gloves the entire process so you can continue to drive your Cloud technology projects forward and get the most out of your AWS investments.


You won’t need to worry about wasting time explaining your AWS issue from the beginning several times as you are transferred and escalated. Reduce frustration and time to resolution with expert Amazon AWS certified engineers. All AWS Premier support engineers are US citizens who will quickly resolve your most complex issues.

US Cloud Cross Platform Support

Cross-Platform Support

Get comprehensive Enterprise support across all your technology platforms including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Amazon AWS. Leverage US Cloud Amazon AWS expertise for guidance, implementation and training in fast-growing AWS solutions areas. US Cloud AWS Premier support helps you identify AWS risks, prevent issues, and improve your AWS migration readiness.

Next Steps - AWS Premier Support at US Cloud

Take the Next Step for AWS Premier Support

US Cloud is the proven leader in providing reputable Amazon AWS support services to clients world-wide. We enable AWS + Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support for Azure customers to enjoy ultra-responsive support from US citizens, save up to 50% on support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.