Azure Consulting Services.

Get Azure consulting services for migration, devops, and security projects. Azure projects done by expert consultants at 30-50% cost savings.

Azure Consulting - US Cloud

Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure consulting services help companies successfully migrate to Azure, develop cloud-native solutions and secure their cloud environment.

As a Microsoft Cloud and Support Provider with over 250+ Microsoft certified consultants and a leading Azure practice entirely based in the US, US Cloud designs pragmatic strategies for your smooth migration, development of Azure-based applications and guidance to secure your Azure cloud.

Azure Consulting - US Cloud

Azure Consulting Services Deliverables

MSFT Azure Consulting Deliverables

Feasibility assessment – of your Azure solution based on anticipated TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), ROI (Return on Investment) and development costs. Includes consultations to the management team by way of solution architecture review, white board discussions, and roadmap sessions.

Design – cloud architectures for Azure-based applications and data warehouses; Azure and Azure-based hybrid infrastructure design; CI/CD pipelines design.

Azure migration – strategy and project timelines designed to match your business goals, internal development strengths and risk tolerance.

Process and policy – IT service provisioning for post-migration efforts, scaling infrastructure, and code reviews.

Azure Consulting Services Delivered by Top Consultants

  • 10+ years Microsoft Cloud Provider.
  • 200+ MSFT cloud professionals.
  • Azure consulting and migration services since 2010.
  • 20+ years of IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • 15+ years DevOps experience.
  • ISO 27001 certification assures quality of process and security of client data.
Azure Consulting - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Benefits of Azure Consulting Services

Benefits of Azure Consulting at US Cloud

Reduced migration cost
Reduce lift and shift costs to Azure with proven migration tactics and tools.

Optimize cloud consumption
Right-size and automate architecture and services for optimal Azure spend and to assure scalability for peak demand.

Cloud development velocity and budget
US Cloud Azure development sprints move at a velocity to match client timelines and budget. Moving too fast creates inefficiencies and waste while moving too slowly may widen innovation or competitive disadvantage gaps.

Application performance
Auto-scaling and tuning of architecture and routines ensure the stability and high-performance of apps.

High-availability (HA) architecture design assures Azure-based applications are ready to serve your clients and customers 24/7/365. HA solutions also enable maintenance, upgrades, and recovery with no disruption to users.

The US Cloud security consulting team will assess and make recommendations to improve the security of your Azure environment. Modify your Identity and Access Management (IAM) via Azure Active Directory (AAD) to improve visibility, control, and cyber risk.

Azure Migration Consulting Case Study

Azure Migration Services - US Cloud

Helpdesk Software Migration to Cloud

Complete lift-and-shift of a legacy helpdesk software to Azure:

  • High-availability (HA) cloud architecture.
  • Development to integrate Azure-based helpdesk software with Salesforce.
  • Development to integrate ServiceNow with Microsoft support portal.
  • Introduction of functional improvements.
  • Integrations with third-party SaaS solutions.

Select Your Azure Consulting Service

Microsoft Azure Consulting Options

Azure Migration Services
US Cloud will deliver a customized migration strategy and help you stand up an affordable, scalable, high-performance Azure environment.

Azure Development Services
US Cloud will design cloud architectures using the SaaS and PaaS best practices of Azure and develop Azure-based applications to meet your enterprise’s needs.

Azure Security Consulting
US Cloud will work with your internal security team to extend your security standards to Azure. Assessing security before and after new cloud architecture, migration or application rollout.

Get the Most Out of Your Azure Environment
US Cloud’s consultants are ready to advise on Azure migration, development and security to help your enterprise optimize its cloud operations. Optimize Your Azure Environment with Consulting.

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