Azure Government Cloud vs Commercial.


Compare Azure Government Cloud to Azure Commercial security and compliance. Many government organizations use both – Azure Gov for mission-critical data and Commercial for DevOps.

Azure Government Cloud vs. Commercial

What is Azure Government Cloud?

Azure Government Cloud is a cloud environment specifically built to meet compliance and security requirements for US government. This mission-critical cloud delivers breakthrough innovation to U.S. government customers and their partners.

Azure Government applies to government at any level — from state and local governments to federal agencies including Department of Defense agencies.

Azure Government Cloud Benefits

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

Azure Government Differences vs Commercial

Azure Government vs Commercial

Azure Government Differences vs Commercial

While there are multiple cloud providers in the public sector, not many can offer the unique capabilities required by state and local and federal government agencies. Azure Government provides hybrid flexibility, deep security, and broad compliance coverage across regulatory standards.

The key difference between Microsoft Azure (Commercial) and Microsoft Azure Government is that Azure Government is a sovereign cloud. It’s a physically separated instance of Azure, dedicated to U.S. government workloads only. It’s built exclusively for government agencies and their solution providers.

Azure Government is designed for highly sensitive data, enabling government customers to safely transfer mission-critical workloads to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Commercial Cloud Solutions Included with Government

Microsoft Azure Government uses same underlying technologies as global Commercial Azure, which includes the core components of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PasS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Azure Government Cloud includes Geo-Synchronous data replication, auto scaling, network, storage, data management, identity management, and the following additional services:

Microsoft Azure Commercial vs Government

MSFT Azure Commercial vs Gov

Microsoft Azure Commercial Cloud Solutions Included in Government

Azure Government Cloud Benefits - Express Route

Azure Gov Express Routes

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Government

Microsoft Azure Government is a separate, physical instance of Azure. It has an advanced infrastructure with robust networking in eight announced regions across the United States. Those regions include two regions at DoD Impact Level 5. Azure Government also offers data replication across regions for business continuity. All are connected via private dark fiber.

ExpressRoute provides choice and convenience when connecting between on-premises and virtual resources in the cloud and enables reliable connection for scenarios like data migration, disaster recovery, or other high-availability needs. ExpressRoute locations are in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix, San Antonio, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC.

Azure Government also features key networking services such as VNet service endpoints for storage and SQL and Network Watcher for more secure building of applications and monitoring.

With Azure Government, agencies can:

  • Modernize their services with the trusted cloud. Leverage state-of-the-art security to protect citizen data, applications, and hardware in an environment built to exceed the highest compliance requirements.
  • Embrace the new era of agile government. With flexible hybrid solutions, effectively engage with citizens through consistent interactions and scalable solutions, in the cloud or on-premises. Environments can be tailored through options across platforms, tools, and services, allowing agencies to architect their cloud at their own pace.
  • Advance their mission. Harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, analytics and deep learning, to enable actionable insights. Rapidly innovate government processes with tailored solutions that deliver enhanced citizen experiences.
  • Expand the possibilities. Advanced computing capabilities powered by an intelligent government cloud empower agencies as never before. Leverage advanced analysis and storage tools in an intelligent and powerful government cloud to uncover new insights in data.

Azure Government Cloud Compliance vs Commercial

  • Broadest compliance: The most certifications of any cloud provider to simplify government compliance requirements.
  • Level 5 DoD approved: 8 announced datacenter regions including 2 dedicated regions for US DoD Impact Level5 workloads, and coming soon, 2 classified Secret regions.
  • FedRAMP High and DISA L4 and L5 (DoD regions): 45 services included in our FedRAMP High compliance scope (with Wave 7 approval), 42 in DoD SRG Level 4 scope including Express Route.
  • Department of Defense: First cloud to be awarded an Information Impact Level 5 DoD provision Authorization by the Defense Information Systems Agency
  • CJIS states, 70% of US population covered
Azure Government Cloud Compliance vs Commercial

Azure Gov Compliance vs Commercial

Azure Government Cloud Support

Azure Government Cloud Support

24×7 support for Azure Government Cloud extends your security and compliance with all rigorously screened US citizen support engineers.  Preserve budgets with 30% to 50% savings and use the cost savings to modernize and invest in new technologies to move your mission forward. Explore Azure Gov Support.

  • Save 30% to 50% vs MSFT
  • 15 minute response time
  • All screened US citizen engineers
  • Managed Microsoft escalations
  • 20+ years MSFT product support
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