Azure monitoring at US Cloud maximizes the performance and availability of your Azure environment.  Monitor Azure in real time to fix issues faster, before they impact your customers.

Azure Monitoring


Azure monitoring allows you to monitor the performance and availability of your Azure environment, giving you insights and telemetry into your cloud workloads. Monitor and manage your organization’s Azure performance by monitoring IaaS and PaaS virtual machines and services.

Azure Monitoring - IaaS

IaaS Azure Monitoring – Click to Enlarge

Azure Monitoring – IaaS

Track and provide performance insights of Azure Infrastructure services such as monitoring virtual machine and Kubernetes performance. With IaaS Azure Monitoring you can also:

  • View and correlate Azure infrastructure metrics in relation to application performance.
  • Auto-discover newly created Azure VMs and containers.
  • Monitor Azure network communication between VMs.
  • Visualize dynamic Azure mapping between VMs and applications.
  • View Azure performance over time to help ensure service delivery
  • View Azure region, configuration, and security details
Azure Monitoring - PaaS

PaaS Azure Monitoring – Click to Enlarge

Azure Monitoring – PaaS

Track key Azure Platform service metrics to help ensure application performance and availability. PaaS Azure monitoring monitors critical Azure components such as CPU, memory, requests, response time, and more for your dynamic Azure workloads.

View metrics for:

  • App Service
  • Event Hubs
  • SQL Database
Azure Monitoring Dashboard

Azure Monitoring Dashboard – Enlarge

Azure Monitoring Dashboard

Gain one centralized view of your Microsoft systems, applications, cloud resources, on-premise systems; all with agent or agentless monitoring  from US Cloud Azure Monitoring services.

  • Monitor, trend, and correlate key Azure services and metrics
  • Monitor system and applications on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments
  • Monitor your complete Microsoft stack of products including Windows, Exchange, SQL and Office 365


Get complete visibility into your Azure workload health with Azure Monitoring services at US Cloud.

Increase Team Productivity
Increase your team’s productivity with automated discovery and monitoring of Microsoft Azure cloud instances.

Increased Azure Availability
Increase your organization’s visibility into the health of your Azure environment and stop issues before they impact customers.

Next step - Azure Monitoring at US Cloud

Your Next Step for Azure Monitoring at US Cloud

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