Nine Free SharePoint Tools to Simplify Your SharePoint Admin Life

Nine Free Tools that Could Be Useful to an Administrator

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SharePoint is packed with features, and once you connect to the SharePoint Store or Office 365 you’ll see there’s a rich ecosystem with thousands of products.  It’s been described as a 12-billion-dollar ecosystem just a few years ago.

Here are nine free tools that could be useful as an administrator.

  • SPDeployment command-line tool by Marco Wiedmeyer – Wouldn’t it be great if you could deploy your solution consistently each time from early builds to release? Making sure the files go where they should, properties are set consistently, and login was handled?  SPDeployment is available on GitHub.
  • SharePoint Health Monitor by ManageEngine – Dashboard to Monitor CPU, Memory, Requests per second, system info, and Disk space in a dashboard.
  • SharePoint Designer is Free! Just kidding, Visual Studio Community Edition and Office Developer Tools.  IDE with plugin provides developer tools with Intellisense and debugging capabilities letting you run solutions in WSPs or remotely in O365.
  • Migration Prep Tools – Metalogix Migration Planner, SharePoint Pre-Migration Discovery Analysis Tool, Use these free tools to understand your customizations, features, solutions, workflows, and more…
  • Responsive SharePoint – Codeplex templates for SharePoint sites.  There are good starter masterpages that support Twitter bootstrap.  Modern sites will eventually replace this need, but we can’t wait for 2019.
  • Autospinstaller – Automated SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 PowerShell-based scripted installation & configuration process.
  • Monitoring Content Pack 90-day SharePoint Monitoring in PowerBI reports with Office365Mon (free 90 days) Power BI content pack helps users explore and analyze uptime data.

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