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Microsoft Unified Can’t Compete With The Truth

2022-04-06T15:14:48-05:00May 10th, 2021|

MICROSOFT UNIFIED CAN'T COMPETE WITH THE TRUTH Microsoft Unified can’t compete with the truth about US Cloud. Unified support subscribers are finding themselves being misled by Microsoft support sales representatives who are struggling to compete with a US Cloud service that is on par with Microsoft Unified but 30% to [...]

US Cloud Microsoft Support – Executive Summary

2022-06-09T15:48:02-05:00May 3rd, 2021|

US CLOUD MICROSOFT SUPPORT - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Quickly understand what US Cloud Microsoft support is and why hundreds of enterprises are leaving MSFT. Weigh the 30-50% savings vs risk of moving to a third-party. See common questions by companies considering replacing Microsoft Unified with US Cloud. Dispel MSFT sales [...]

Look Deeper to Forecast Microsoft Unified Support Costs

2022-04-06T15:15:11-05:00March 29th, 2021|

LOOK DEEPER TO FORECAST MICROSOFT UNIFIED SUPPORT COSTS Getting reasonable and predictable Microsoft Unified Support pricing is difficult enough. But Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management (SPVM) need to look beyond their current contract negotiations to improve support forecasting and more accurate IT budgets. Audience: IT Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management [...]

US Cloud Sponsors ProcureCon IT Event – April 20

2022-04-06T15:16:14-05:00March 16th, 2021|

US CLOUD SPONSORS PROCURECON - APRIL 20 US Cloud is sponsoring ProcureCon IT North America on April 20, 2021. This is a virtual event for senior IT sourcing executives, SAM, ITAM, IT procurement and vendor management professionals. Free sign up. Audience: Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management | SAM | ITAM [...]

Traditional IT Partners Fail at Microsoft Enterprise Support

2022-04-06T15:16:23-05:00March 1st, 2021|

TRADITIONAL IT PARTNERS FAIL TO DELIVER MICROSOFT ENTERPRISE SUPPORT SERVICES Traditional IT partners like software resellers and MSPs are trying to grab a piece of the growing Microsoft Enterprise Support market. However, they are failing to replace MSFT due to lack of focus, experience and support sovereignty. As a result, [...]

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs CSP

2022-04-06T15:16:36-05:00January 21st, 2021|

MICROSOFT EA, CSP OR BOTH? Which is a better Microsoft licensing option for your organization, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)? It really depends on the size of your organization and how heavily you rely on Microsoft Cloud services. One exception being Unified Support customers using CSP [...]

How to Optimize Your Microsoft Unified Support Contract in 2021

2022-04-06T15:17:21-05:00January 4th, 2021|

HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MICROSOFT UNIFIED SUPPORT CONTRACT IN 2021 Enterprises across the globe are unable to get reasonable and predictable Microsoft Unified Support pricing. Infrastructure and Operations leaders negotiating Microsoft contracts can use the tactics below to successfully avoid significant cost increases. Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management (SPVM) should [...]

New US Cloud Covid Relief Pricing Aids Business Recovery

2022-04-06T15:17:30-05:00November 17th, 2020|

NEW US CLOUD COVID RELIEF PRICING AIDS BUSINESS RECOVERY November is a time for giving thanks and US Cloud is doing exactly that with discounted Microsoft support pricing thru year end. It’s our way of giving back to the business community.  Expert support for the entire Microsoft product line [...]

Microsoft Premier Support – Pay Monthly, Not All Up Front

2022-04-06T15:17:40-05:00November 9th, 2020|

MICROSOFT PREMIER SUPPORT - PAY MONTHLY, NOT ALL UP FRONT Microsoft Premier Support is needed by many businesses, but some simply can’t afford to pay Microsoft the $25,000 entry cost all up front. US Cloud’s Gartner recommended MSFT Premier Support replacement has a lower entry cost and now offers cash-saving [...]

Businesses Can Once Again Afford Microsoft Premier Support

2022-06-09T15:58:10-05:00November 4th, 2020|

BUSINESSES CAN ONCE AGAIN AFFORD MICROSOFT PREMIER SUPPORT In 2019 and 2020 more than 30% of all Microsoft Premier Support customers have dropped the service each year. This is about 25,000 Microsoft business customers who a) have moved to another platform like Google b) think Premier is too expensive [...]

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