Is Azure Dedicated Host Pricing Worth the Extra Money?

Is Azure Dedicated Worth It?

Is Azure Dedicated Host Pricing Worth It

Azure dedicated hosts are single-tenant dedicated servers. They cost more than the multi-tenant Azure VMs most organizations are accustomed to buying. So why pay more for an Azure dedicated host?

The two biggest reasons are control and compliance. Azure dedicated hosts give you greater control for more visibility, faster support Time to Resolution (TTR), and the ability to build a private cloud on Azure. In addition, for regulated industries such Financial and Healthcare, the hardware isolation of an Azure dedicated server ensures compliance and is worth the premium.

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Is Azure Dedicated Host Pricing Worth It

Invest in Azure Dedicated for Greater Control

Azure dedicated hosts give you more control for increased visibility at the hardware level, faster Time to Resolution (TTR), and the ability to build a private cloud on Azure.

You receive hardware isolation at the physical server level so that only your organization’s VMs are placed on the host.

Since you have access to the dedicated host, your IT team or third-party Microsoft support provider can troubleshoot issues faster.  A lower support Time To Resolution (TTR) yields  more uptime for your VMs and enterprise.

Hardware isolation means your Azure VMs are isolated like your own servers in your data centers. The additional layer of security allows enterprises to build their own private cloud on Azure with all the benefits of IaaS or PaaS.

Dedicated Azure Ensures Compliance

Multi-tenant Azure VMs are by their very nature, less secure than single-tenant Azure dedicated hosts. Organizations should invest in Azure dedicated servers where the private cloud benefits of stronger security and compliance are necessary.

Azure dedicated hosts reduce risk because server resources are not shared by multiple organizations. In a single-tenant Azure private cloud, another organization’s Azure VM security incident will not impact your enterprise. Nor will they be able to impact the performance of your VMs with high IO or memory usage.

This reduction in risk is particularly acute in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance. The healthcare industry must meet HIPAA requirements when dealing with patient information.  As a result, each hospital or healthcare provider needs its own data center or private cloud to ensure compliance. The financial industry has similar responsibilities around PII and banking information.

The Premium Price of Azure Dedicated Hosts

The premium price of Azure dedicated hosts is worth it if your organization is considering a transition from private clouds in your data center to Azure.  The additional cost is even more compelling for those who must ensure compliance of their regulated data.

In addition, Azure dedicated servers give you the benefit of greater uptime and simplified troubleshooting when support is required. As in most things, you get what you are pay for. In this case, more control and compliance of your Azure VMs.

To learn more, see all the features and benefits of Azure dedicated.

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AI Market Heats Up, Implementation Still Siloed

A recent report from research firm IDC » forecasts that enterprise adoption of Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow at a rapid clip through 2021, growing from $19.1 billion at the end of 2018 to $52.2 in 2021, a 46.2% compound annual growth rate. While the market is hot, the implementation continues to be an issue: McKinsey Global Institute found that while almost half of respondents in a recent study have embedded some form of AI into their business processes, only 21% reported embedding AI into multiple business functions. This leads to a disjointed experience throughout businesses’ IT portfolios.

IoT Market Spending to Surpass $1 Trillion by 2022

Much like AI has the potential to help your enterprise rapidly drive efficiencies, gain insight into business processes, and make real-time decisions, IoT continues to be a main driver as more businesses and individuals use multiple devices to transact and connect. In our app driven culture, we have an expectation to be able to access information anytime, anywhere with just a tap or a swipe. IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things spending Guide finds that spending on IoT will reach $745 billion in 2019, a 15% increase over the $646 billion spend in 2018. IDC forecasts the market will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate through 2022, surpassing $1 trillion. The spending report finds the IoT use cases that will see the greatest levels of investment this year are driven by manufacturing operations, production asset management, smart home, and freight monitoring.

Proliferation of Technology Platforms and Manpower Shortages Slow DevOps to a Crawl

These burgeoning trends are reshaping the way enterprises look at their digital transformation journeys, which then falls at the feet of IT teams tasked with scaling up their DevOps to meet demand. Grand View Research finds the DevOps market will reach $12.85 billion by 2025, an 18.6% compound annual growth rate.

While the promise is to enhance productivity; streamline workflows; reduce time to market; deliver better quality software; and minimize costs associated with software development, delivery, and maintenance, already overstretched IT teams are struggling to keep up due to a lack of skilled workforce and standardized DevOps tool sets and solutions.

Enter Azure – Microsoft’s flagship cloud product continues to rise in popularity due to its solutions for AI, IoT, and DevOps. Microsoft reported 76% revenue growth and 76% sales growth in Azure in its last quarterly report, tied in a battle with Amazon for dominance. With this rise comes a rise in pricing from Microsoft: Reports from industry analysts all confirm significant price increases for Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) » are under way. As companies are forced to renew their Microsoft EA, total agreement costs are rising 10-12% year-over-year (or more) for a large portion of the Microsoft enterprise customer base.

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