enterprise cloud backup - us cloudIn today’s business world where data and availability are everything, it’s no longer good enough to have one copy of all your enterprise data – including sensitive customer information and intellectual property – locally stored in one place as a backup.

Industry best practice tells us that you should follow the 3-2-1 rule – 3 copies of your enterprise data total, on 2 different mediums, with at least one copy off-site from your business.

Sounds easy enough, right? Here are some statistics that prove enterprise backup is harder than it may seem:

Oftentimes, the lack of a robust enterprise backup strategy – or complete lack of any strategy – has to do with cost. Enterprises balk at spending large amounts of money on an infrastructure to depreciate and wait for a disaster scenario. Now that many companies are moving to cloud-based infrastructure and applications to house their data, the issue is compounding itself. You still have the same end-user accessibility expectations as apps running in your traditional data centers to stay up and running 24/7 in the event of unexpected downtime.

The good news is enterprise cloud backup technology from US Cloud makes it easier than ever to recover from data loss, corruption, or natural disasters. Here are three reasons why enterprise cloud backup is the right option for you:

  1. Cloud Backup for the Enterprise:enterprise cloud backup services and solutions - us cloudWhether it’s an accidental deletion or a server failure, losing your enterprise’s files happens more often than you may think. The best way to protect your organization from crippling data loss is with a cloud backup plan. Protect your customer data and ensure availability with an easy, secure backup solution for the enterprise as well as replicate data off-site and access it in the event of a disaster. Protect your firm’s servers today with direct to cloud backup.
  2. Enterprise-wide Cloud Backup: Protect your customer data wherever it lives with cloud backup service for all your enterprise’s apps, data and clouds. Backup enterprise IT assets including cloud native apps, physical servers, files, virtual machines (VMs) or containers in any data center. In doing so, you can protect your organization’s managed clouds, private clouds on-premises, and public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Software-as-a-Service.
  3. Leverage the Cloud for Your Enterprise’s Backup: Utilize enterprise cloud backup to protect your company data – without the cost of building or maintaining a second site – to implement rigorous disaster recovery (DR) including replication to meet your organization’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). With US Cloud, you can increase or customize backup retention with cloud archive storage on demand to meet your enterprise’s compliance requirements.

Trust in US Cloud to backup all your enterprise apps, data centers, and clouds – when you work with us to implement robust enterprise cloud backup, you’ll be able to:

  1. Avoid Data Loss: Get low RPOs and streamlined DR for your organization, including long-term retention options, fast and secure cloud backup and replication, WAN acceleration for faster off-site backups, end-to-end encryption of backups, and enterprise disaster recovery at scale.
  2. Implement Rapid Enterprise Data Recovery: With US Cloud, you’ll be able to recover a failed VMware or Hyper-V VM in minutes, limiting any threat of business disruption. With companies worldwide having to meet different regulatory compliance requirements, US Cloud offers eDiscovery and granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Oracle environments. On-premises environments? No problem: Take your workloads on-premises and restore or migrate them to US Cloud’s secure private cloud or to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure public clouds.
  3. Verify Recoverability of Enterprise Backups: You need peace of mind that you can recover a cloud backup at any time in the event of an unplanned outage or downtime. With US Cloud, you can automatically start your company’s VMs in an isolated Virtual Lab environment as well as perform tests and send a status report directly to you, so you know your VMs are recoverable at any time. You can also automatically verify your VM replicas for recoverability to any restore point.

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Increase availability for all your enterprise applications and customer data while exceeding SLAs and optimizing IT spend with enterprise cloud backup at US Cloud. Contact us for a free enterprise cloud backup pricing quote today.