The holy grail of business productivity is having an environment where all your workers can access the information they need at any time, any place. Quickly moving past the days where all work was done from 9am-5pm in an office, the global nature of business is demanding we enable workers to productive however they need to be.

Enterprise Monitoring Services - Power Your Digital TransformationThe good news is that the rapid rise in cloud technologies and internet of things (IoT) is making this business need easier than ever before. Today, your workers can access the databases, information, and services they need to do their jobs whether they’re located in your home office using a company-issued laptop or if they’re doing sales calls on the road scrolling through emails on their personal tablet.

This – the ability to access digital workspaces from any device, run any application, and connect to any cloud – is one of the outcomes of digital transformation: The integration of digital technologies and enterprise IT services into all areas of an enterprise to drive fundamental changes in the way your business operates, ultimately increasing your business’ value to your customers.

To achieve this, however, you need to empower your enterprise IT staff by clearing away the time consuming aspects of their roles so they can innovate.

There are three foundational areas you need to get right in enterprise IT: monitoring, patching, and backup of your data and systems. Last week, we covered the importance of enterprise patch management. This week, we’re going to take a closer look at the three enterprise monitoring services you need to implement in order to pave the way to digital transformation.

Enterprise Monitoring - US CloudAs you invest in the cloud for greater productivity, intelligence and hybrid capabilities, you need a comprehensive enterprise cloud monitoring solution to extend the stability of your legacy enterprise network to multi-cloud infrastructure; manage your enterprise resources and cloud providers for successful cloud monitoring and return on investment (ROI); and have the ability to quickly scan executive overview dashboards or deep dive for a comprehensive view into the health of your enterprise cloud deployment.

Here are the three enterprise monitoring services you need to truly enable digital transformation:

  1. Enterprise Network Performance: Network performance monitoring (NPM) reduces network outages and improves performance. Since networks and computer technology are intertwined with your day-to-day business operations, even one system outage can seriously impact your bottom line. US Cloud’s enterprise network performance monitoring services include more than 200 sensor types for all your common network services – such as PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and FTP – so you can monitor you entire network in real time. US Cloud’s NPM covers multiple vendors, including intelligent alerts, network performance baselines, and wireless network monitoring and management.
  2. Enterprise Application Performance: We live in an app-driven world, where seemingly everything can be done with just a few clicks or swipes. This is rapidly becoming the same for business applications. Extend your enterprise monitoring with application performance management (APM) to help you find bottlenecks, address inefficiencies, and improve performance for your enterprise applications at every stage – development, QA, and production. Implementing this service will also help instill a culture of continuous improvement into the way you code: By constantly monitoring your enterprise apps and establishing a baseline, you can iterate and improve code over time with small, incremental, trackable changes. Essentially, enterprise application monitoring done correctly will help you deliver high quality enterprise customer experiences every time.
  3. Enterprise Cloud Performance: Hand-in-hand with our app driven world is one in which cloud computing is becoming a large part – if not all – of your IT stack. As you invest in the cloud, extending comprehensive enterprise cloud monitoring will stabilize your legacy enterprise network to multi-cloud infrastructure, manage your enterprise resources and cloud providers for successful cloud monitoring and ROI, and enable you to quickly understand and take action on the health of your enterprise cloud deployment in order to minimize business disruption.

This can be a large undertaking, but the good news is US Cloud monitors the enterprise IT environments for customers worldwide as they navigate their digital transformation journeys. With US Cloud enterprise monitoring services, monitor IT devices on your entire enterprise network – even if they are spread across the globe, in many data centers, or customer environments.

Other benefits include:

  • Rapid Deployment: Cloud monitoring services scale up faster and cost less because you don’t need to purchase and configure new hardware, or dedicate already-stretched enterprise staff resources to install software.
  • Reduced, Predictable Cost: Outsourced Enterprise Monitoring services from US Cloud is highly-available, fast, and scalable. On-premises enterprise data center, maintenance and staff overhead can’t compete from a cost perspective. Pay-as-you-grow cost structure means surges in traffic or demand won’t introduce budget spikes for which you didn’t plan.
  • Unified Enterprise Monitoring: Monitor your entire enterprise IT ecosystem including distributed hybrid, private cloud, public cloud, co-location, and on-premise environments. Get seamless, unified monitoring, regardless of your geographic location or deployment model.
  • Off-Network Monitoring: During an outage, enterprise monitoring is needed most to expedite troubleshooting and recover as fast as possible. Isolate monitoring via US Cloud Enterprise Monitoring to ensure your teams have the tools they need to assess the situation and restore enterprise operations.
  • Better Enterprise Support: Business demands your team monitor a growing hybrid infrastructure while pushing to the cloud and incorporating Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain – making the coordination of in-house enterprise monitoring a resource nightmare. US Cloud takes this burden away from your enterprise IT teams.
  • Robust Enterprise Security: Security is built into the DNA of US Cloud Enterprise Monitoring as customers are isolated from one another logically and/or physically. All traffic occurs over HTTPS using TLS encryption with SAML, whitelisting, and role-based access control and access logging. 24/7 NOC with global data centers offer the availability your enterprise demands.

Ready to take your enterprise monitoring services to the next level to power your digital transformation? Contact US Cloud today for a free enterprise monitoring services quote.