Microsoft ExchangeAccording to a recent study from Radicati Group Inc., despite the explosion in apps, social networking, and texting, email still reigns supreme when it comes to business communication.

The burning question many of our clients are asking themselves today is whether or not to manage an email provider such as Microsoft Exchange in-house or look for a vendor that can host the service for them. More and more, companies are looking for vendors that can host their email platform for them, because it’s less risky across many measures of cost, security, scalability and reliability.

In this world where email still is the communication channel du jour for enterprises, Microsoft Exchange tends to be the platform of choice. It’s the longtime market leader for its robust feature set, which includes:

  • Access a web-based admin center to manage user and organization levels
  • Full control and enhanced security with single-tenant hosting
  • Run In-place eDiscovery across Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for business
  • Manage mobile devices with ease
  • Enforce PIN lock
  • Remove confidential data from lost phones

While Microsoft Exchange is the Cadillac of email servers, it’s not the simplest to manage. In fact, more than 70 percent of the cost of Microsoft Exchange for a business with at least 100 users is spent managing it, according to a study by Ostermann Research. Making sure that Exchange stays up and running is imperative, which is why an increasing number of companies are outsourcing to a hosted Exchange service provider such as US Cloud.

As you look for a hosted Exchange provider, make sure they can cover these important management areas to your satisfaction:

Scalable Infrastructure

A hosted Exchange provider should have enterprise-class infrastructure enabling you to scale up (or down) as needed.

Hybrid Deployment Options

Typically, hosted Exchange is offered as a multitenant deployment for economies of scale. It is also available as a dedicated solution, which allows for more customization, and in turn, is more expensive. Some hosted providers like US Cloud can meet you where you are, offering hybrid deployment with both versions.

Security & Privacy Compliance

Most companies must comply with data security standards like PCI-DSS for ecommerce transactions or SSAE16 for data center security. Make sure any hosted Exchange provider can show you clearly all the regulatory compliance mandates it supports.

Backup & Recovery

Hosted Exchange providers typically offer a backup option in the case of system failures, power outages or natural disasters. Is that enough for you? Make sure you understand exactly what kind of Office 365 backup options a hosted Exchange provider offers, and that it meets your specific needs.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Protection

It should be table stakes for any hosted Exchange provider you review that it offers anti-virus and anti-spam protection. However, it’s vital you check off this box to avoid any miscommunication on this issue since protection is growing more important every year.

Data Ownership Policies

Migrating your sensitive data to a hosted provider has been a sticking point for many businesses in moving to the cloud. A good hosted Exchange provider always allows you to keep ownership of your business data; makes it easy to download and/or export your email, contacts and other data; and helps speed migration to minimize business disruption.

Online & Mobile Access Options

Today’s business environment demands any provider you work with can support accessing Exchange on their mobile phones, tablets, and other personal devices.

IT & User Training

One of the advantages of moving to a hosted Exchange provider is being able to easily manage basic functions, like adding users, from a control panel or dashboard so they can train your employees the moment they need help. Find a hosted Exchange provider with IT staffing and training experience to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Customer Service & Support

Look for a hosted Exchange provider that has robust customer support hours and channels by which they can be contacted to ensure any Exchange issues are handled quickly.

Track Record

Pick a hosted service provider with longevity and a reputation for providing secure service.

Look no further than US Cloud to help you navigate this crowded Exchange hosting market. We eliminate headaches and the expense of managing your own servers. You can rest assured that we can handle any recovery of lost information, with daily or even hourly backups available. We offer unlimited mailbox storage, a 100% uptime SLA, a secure LightSpeed network, and server redundancy and load balancing for maximum uptime and speed. Our embedded spam and malware protection is the entry way to ensuring hackers can’t infiltrate your Exchange environment. If you run into issues, our expert, 24/7 CloudKeeper™ support team will respond to any ticket within 6 minutes.

Ready to get started? Contact us to get a Hosted Exchange quote today.