IT Sourcing Conference – July 18-19

ProcureCon IT Sourcing Conference - July 18 & 19 - Sponsored by US Cloud

US CLOUD is proud to announce its sponsorship of ProcureCon IT Sourcing Conference on July 18 and 19, 2022. This highly regarded IT sourcing  conference brings together the top industry experts from across North America to share their vast knowledge on IT sourcing and procurement strategy. Download the Agenda.

Audience: Strategic IT Sourcing, Technology Sourcing, IT Procurement and Vendor Management, CPO

IT Sourcing Conference July 18-19

IT Sourcing

Recent global events, such as the pandemic, have had a significant impact on the market. Now that consumers are beginning to make purchases again, demand has risen, and inflation is rising along with it.

As inflation rates continue to rise, IT leaders are finding themselves tasked with doing more with less. In times of high inflation, it can be difficult to keep IT costs under control without making significant sacrifices in other areas of the business. However, it is not impossible.

IT sourcing professionals will learn how to:

  • Negotiate better deals with suppliers
  • Review contracts for better outcomes
  • Streamline IT procurement processes
  • Plan for future technology expenses
IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing Strategy

You’ll get unbiased IT sourcing strategy insights, directly from IT procurement innovators – those in the trenches, doing the work, and making real changes right now — no corporate or journalistic opinions here.

You’ll receive both strategic and tactical content focused on all aspects of IT procurement. And since ProcureCon is not an obligation or membership-based, you know you’re meeting with and learning from fellow motivated practitioners.

IT Sourcing Strategy

IT Procurement Solutions

You’ll go home armed with effective IT procurement solutions – tools and strategies to implement new ideas – the kind of innovation that requires years of planning and stakeholders outside of your procurement department.

Plus, we make sure that your speakers put together presentations that are engaging and exciting. We do 12 weeks of dedicated research to make sure speakers are sharing strategies for today and tomorrow. You’ll leave inspired to keep your suppliers, stakeholders and the C-Suite happy.

IT Procurement Solutions
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