Law Firm Cyber Security Challenges

Biggest Data Security Challenge for Law FirmsAs the rush to the cloud continues at a breakneck pace, there is also a steady stream of organizations moving the other direction.

The cost savings of cloud computing is usually substantial when comparing renting space in someone else’s servers versus maintaining your own, however certain industries face compliance guidelines that restrict the usage of public clouds. One of those industries is the legal sector.

The single largest security challenge faced by law firms in 2018 is an internal mandate to keep sensitive documents in-house (as opposed to cloud) while facing ever increasing demands to securely access their data from any device, anywhere.

There’s a way to get both the cost savings of cloud computing and the compliance of on-premises infrastructure.

Private Cloud

The solution is hyper-converged private cloud infrastructure for high-availability and data encryption at rest. Secure access to sensitive documents via desktop virtualization technology for SSL/TLS wrapped applications and data that displays well across PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

This way your law firm isn’t worrying about the capital expense of maintaining and upgrading servers. It can convert that to a hassle-free operational expense of leasing space in a secure, fully-redundant data center and meet the compliance regulations with a dedicated hosting environment. Furthermore, with desktop virtualization technology, everyone in your law firm will have the same secure connection to their data on anywhere, on any mobile device, as they do from their desktop in the office.

Contact US Cloud for compliance-ready dedicated hosting in a secure, private cloud with the desktop virtualization technology needed for secure mobile access and keep the focus on your clients, not your IT.

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