12 Things to Know About Avoiding Ransomware1. Ransomware is as big a threat as the media claims it is

There is hard evidence that some businesses are unable to recover and continue operations.

2. No organization is too small, or too large, to be a target

Any organization perceived to have sufficient means to pay is a target for ransomware.

3. Ransomware prevention requires continuing education

IT managers should read security blogs and threat intel updates regularly.

4. Every organization needs a ransomware defense strategy

Establish budget and identify most important data in the organization.

5. Three key elements in a ransomware defense plan

  • Endpoint protection
  • Backup with longer retention
  • User education

6. Employee training is key

Not just once. Regular training is important. What not to click, identify suspicious computer activity, unplug ethernet cord/disable WiFi.

7. The best way to protect individual PCs is not connect to the internet

Otherwise, patch the machine regularly, and no “free” downloads/games, or anti-malware software.

8. Switching to a non-Windows platform could help

Possibly. Hackers target the largest herds first.

9. Cut access to internet to contain ransomware attack

Unplug the ethernet cord or disable WiFi, but do NOT turn off the device. Doing so destroys forensic evidence living in the computer’s memory.

10. Does it ever make sense to negotiate with a ransomware attacker?

It depends. If the bad guys have your most sensitive data locked up and you can’t recover from backup, what other choice do you have? Just remember, they will be back.  As in backdoor.  So you’re buying your organization a short window to remediate.

11. Ransomware will get worse

Volume is slowing, but sophistication is rising sharply.

12. Final thoughts

Bad guys follow the money. Ransomware will target where your money lives in corporate and personal spheres.

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