Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS) for U.S. Government and Defense

Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS) for U.S. Government and Defense

Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS) at US Cloud
For 2024 US Cloud brings its Microsoft Enterprise Services (MES) capabilities to US Government and Defense agencies.

US Cloud’s Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS) delivers faster, more economical support by screened US domestic teams. Responsible contracting officers are able to reinvest hundreds of millions in savings into IT investments that better serve constituents or increase mission success. It’s no wonder why over 400 enterprises will replace Microsoft Unified Support (MUS) with US Cloud in 2024.

Microsoft Enterprise Services (MES) at US Cloud

Microsoft Enterprise Services at US Cloud
Microsoft Enterprise Services is a division of US Cloud that provides comprehensive support and consulting services to help organizations optimize their use of Microsoft products and technologies.

These services are designed to assist large-scale organizations in various aspects of technology implementation, from planning and deployment to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Here’s an overview of what US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Services offers:

Consulting Services: Expert guidance and consulting to help agencies with digital transformation, implementing new technologies, and optimizing existing Microsoft solutions. This includes strategy formulation, technology roadmaps, and custom solution development.

Support Services: US Cloud offers different levels of Microsoft support services tailored to enterprise needs. This can range from standard problem resolution to dedicated support engineers. These services aim to ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance of Microsoft products.

Deployment and Implementation: Assistance in deploying Microsoft solutions at scale. This includes planning, implementation, and management of the deployment process to ensure a smooth transition, whether it’s for new installations or upgrades.

Training and Education: Providing training resources and educational programs to help IT professionals and end-users within the organization get the most out of Microsoft products.

Managed Services: Ongoing management and optimization of Microsoft solutions. This can include monitoring, administration, and regular updates to ensure systems are running efficiently and securely.

Cybersecurity Services: Expert services to help protect against, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats using Microsoft security products and technologies.

Custom Solutions Development: Development of custom solutions to meet specific business needs using Microsoft technologies, ensuring integration and alignment with existing systems.

Cloud Services: Guidance and support for migrating to and managing cloud solutions, particularly with Microsoft Azure, including cloud strategy, migration, optimization, and security.

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions: Assistance in deploying and maximizing Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) solutions, focusing on improving productivity, collaboration, and communication across the organization.

Business Applications: Implementing and optimizing Microsoft’s business applications like Dynamics 365, which includes ERP and CRM solutions tailored to the organization’s specific processes and needs.

Enterprise Mobility Management: Supporting the deployment and management of enterprise mobility solutions with Microsoft Intune and other related technologies, ensuring secure and efficient mobile device and application management.

Microsoft Enterprise Services at US Cloud plays a critical role for US Government and Defense agencies heavily invested in Microsoft technologies, ensuring they can fully leverage these tools to drive their mission objectives, enhance efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in the global digital landscape.

Hundreds of Millions in Savings for Contracting Officers

Hundreds of millions in savings for contracting officers
Gartner predicts that most US Government and Defense agencies will increase their Microsoft spend by 14% in 2024.

Microsoft Unified Support is calculated as a percentage of your overall spend with Microsoft so anticipate Unified Support cost increases to follow. With 438 Federal agencies already spending billions on Microsoft Enterprise Services (MES) and Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS), there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars in savings available to them by replacing Microsoft Unified Support (MUS) with US Cloud.

As multi-year Government and Defense agency Microsoft support contracts come up for renewal, millions of dollars in immediate cost savings are available to Contract Officers by replacing Microsoft Unified Support (MUS) with US Cloud. Running Microsoft 5-year consumption forecasts with trailing Unified Support costs (based on consumption) overlayed, will yield savings well beyond the initial year’s 30-60% savings.

Upcoming Microsoft Government Price Increases

Microsoft 365 price increases will impact the public sector beginning in March 2024, with an increase of 10% for Office 365 G1. In March 2025 prices will increase yet again by 5%. For those public sector organizations with major contract renewals due in 2024 and 2025, these increases may amount to millions of dollars.

Anticipated Microsoft Government Price Increases

Azure will continue to be the biggest driver in US Government and Defense agency Microsoft budgets through 2025. However, in 2026 contract officers should anticipate significant increases (20-35%) in the cost of Microsoft 365G as Copilot moves out of testing and into production for many agencies.

To address public scrutiny on government spending, agencies must prioritize value for taxpayers’ money through initiatives like software, cloud, and support cost optimization.

US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS)

US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services (METSS)
Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services at US Cloud refers to the range of support options provided by US Cloud to Government and Defense agencies for their technical needs and challenges.

These services are designed to help large organizations maximize their use of Microsoft products and technologies. The main components of these services include:

Direct Access to Technical Experts: Enterprises have access to Microsoft’s pool of technical experts for advice, problem resolution, and guidance on Microsoft technologies.

24/7 Support: Enterprise customers typically receive around-the-clock support to ensure that critical issues are addressed promptly, minimizing downtime.

Dedicated Support Engineers: Larger enterprise customers may have dedicated Microsoft support engineers assigned to their account. These engineers provide personalized assistance and understand the specific context of the business and its technical setup.

Proactive Support Services: Apart from reactive support, US Cloud also offers proactive services, such as regular Microsoft system health checks, performance tuning, and optimization advice to prevent issues before they occur.

Escalation Management: In case of complex issues, there are escalation paths to higher levels of expertise within US Cloud or to Microsoft product teams, ensuring that even the most challenging problems are addressed effectively.

Customized Support Plans: Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services at US Cloud often includes the ability to customize support plans to fit the specific needs of the agency, whether it’s the level of support, response times, or the types of services included.

Training and Educational Resources: Access to in-depth training materials, workshops, and seminars to educate enterprise IT staff on Microsoft products and best practices.

Product-specific Support: Specialized support for various Microsoft products like Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Windows Server, SQL Server, and others, ensuring expert assistance for each specific technology stack.

Security and Compliance Assistance: Guidance on security best practices, help with compliance issues, and support for managing cybersecurity threats.

Integrated Cloud Support: For enterprises utilizing Microsoft Azure or other cloud services, support includes guidance on cloud architecture, best practices for deployment, and help with managing cloud resources.

Premier Support: This is a high-end support offering that provides all the above services with additional benefits like a dedicated account manager, priority handling of support requests, and more.

Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services at US Cloud are essential for large organizations relying on Microsoft technologies, ensuring they have the necessary support to maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot their IT environments.

Faster Resolution Increases Citizen Satisfaction and Mission Success

Faster resolution increases citizen satisfaction and mission success
US Cloud has been found to be up to 2x faster than Microsoft Unified Support (MUS) across all support ticket severities.

Faster problem resolution helps Government agencies better serve their constituents and increase Defense agencies mission success. Fast resolution in Microsoft support offers a multitude of benefits for your organization, impacting both productivity, finances, and overall user experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

Reduced Downtime and Increased Productivity

  • Minimized disruptions: Expedient issue resolution keeps your employees working and systems operational, minimizing downtime and lost productivity.
  • Faster business continuity: Quick resolution of critical issues ensures your workflows and operations resume seamlessly, maximizing efficiency and agility.
  • Reduced frustration and stress: Employees struggling with technical issues can have their problems addressed swiftly, preventing frustration and promoting a more positive work environment.

Financial Advantages

  • Lower operational costs: Downtime can lead to mission failure, productivity decreases, and potential penalties. Fast resolution helps minimize these costs by keeping your agency running smoothly.
  • Improved ROI on technology investments: By maximizing uptime and avoiding disruptions, you get the most value out of your Microsoft technology investments.
  • Reduced need for additional resources: Fast resolution can eliminate the need for overtime or hiring expensive contractors to address lingering issues, saving Uncle Sam additional labor costs.

Enhanced User Experience and Satisfaction

  • Increased user satisfaction: Prompt and effective resolution of technical problems leads to greater satisfaction among employees and customers who depend on Microsoft technologies.
  • Improved confidence and trust: Timely support builds trust in your IT team and the ability to handle technical challenges, boosting overall user confidence in the technology infrastructure.
  • Streamlined workflows and collaboration: When issues are resolved quickly, collaboration and communication flow more smoothly, enabling efficient working relationships within your agency.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and security threats: Fast resolution of security vulnerabilities and potential threats helps protect your data and systems from significant damage or loss.
  • Improved decision-making: Access to timely insights and problem resolution enables informed decision-making based on accurate data and current system status.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: Responding swiftly to citizen support inquiries can positively impact your brand image and customer satisfaction.

US Government and Defense Support Takeaways

  • Investing in a reliable Microsoft support channel with fast resolution times can reap significant benefits for your organization, exceeding mere technical assistance.
  • When evaluating Microsoft support options, prioritize fast resolution alongside other factors like expertise, cost, and service level agreements.

US Cloud Replaces Microsoft Unified Support (MUS)

US Cloud replaces Microsoft Unified Support (MUS)
Replacing Microsoft Unified Support with an alternative provider like US Cloud should be considered by Federal Government and Defense contracting officers for several reasons.

While Microsoft Unified Support offers comprehensive services directly from the source of Microsoft products, many large organizations are finding decreasing value in the OEM’s support. Here are some reasons why agencies are making the switch:

Cost Savings: One of the primary reasons for switching to US Cloud is the potential for reduced costs. US Cloud often offers more competitive pricing structures compared to Microsoft Unified Support, which can be a significant factor for responsible agency contracting officers.

US Domestic Teams: Contractually US Cloud will guarantee that all support data will reside in the US and that all service delivery will come from screened US domestic teams. This workforce and data sovereignty helps agencies secure their IT supply chain and maintain compliance.

Faster Response Times: All organizations report faster response times on average of 6 minutes in 2023 backed by US Cloud’s 15 minute response SLA for all ticket severities. This can be crucial for agencies where even minor delays can have significant impacts on mission success.

Faster Resolution Times: Every minute counts when a mission-critical system is down. Organizations report faster resolution times at US Cloud ranging from 20-80% faster depending on the technology and ticket complexity.

Customized Support Plans: US Cloud provides more flexibility in terms of customizable support plans that are tailored to the specific needs of an organization, as opposed to the more standardized offerings of Microsoft Unified Support.

Personalized Service: US Cloud offer a more personalized service experience. This includes dedicated account managers or support teams who are familiar with the specific IT environment and history of the agency.

Avoiding Vendor Lock-in: Opting for US Cloud can reduce dependency on Microsoft and potentially give organizations more flexibility and control over their IT support structure.

Simpler Engagement Model: Gov and DoD agencies find US Cloud to offer simpler or more direct engagement models, with less bureaucracy and more straightforward service agreements.

Budget Allocation: Switching to a more cost-effective Microsoft support solution can free up budget resources that can be reallocated to other critical IT projects or areas of the agency.

Agencies should conduct a 5-year Microsoft consumption forecast to understand the magnitude of the future cost savings and cost avoidance opportunity by replacing Microsoft Unified Support (MUS) with US Cloud. It is also highly recommended to conduct a pilot or proof of concept to validate US Cloud’s Microsoft support capabilities prior to engagement.

Secure Your Gov IT Supply Chain with US Support

Secure government IT supply chain with US support
US Federal Government and Defense agencies can better secure their IT supply chain with contractual guarantees that no foreign nationals will handle METSS tickets at US Cloud.

Screened US domestic support delivery for supply chain security offers several critical advantages compared to relying on OEM vendors outsourcing various support duties overseas. Here’s a breakdown of some key reasons why it can be advantageous:

Government Agency and Defense Benefits

  • Potential Legal and Regulatory Advantages: Choosing contractually guaranteed US-based support can offer legal and regulatory advantages, especially for organizations handling sensitive data or operating in highly regulated industries.
  • Enhanced Agency Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to US-based security practices can boost your agency’s reputation and build trust with constituents and mission stakeholders.
  • Support for US Government-contracted Businesses: If your organization operates within the US government contracting ecosystem, selecting contractually guaranteed US-based support may be a required element to meet specific security and compliance standards.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The U.S. has stringent laws to protect intellectual property. Engaging solely with US domestic support teams can offer better control and legal recourse to protect sensitive technologies and proprietary information.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

  • Stricter US Regulations: The US has some of the most stringent data privacy and security regulations in the world, such as HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, and FedRAMP. Choosing US-based support with US Cloud ensures your supplier adheres to these stringent standards, minimizing the risk of data breaches and security vulnerabilities.
  • Standardized Security Practices:S.-based support centers are likely to follow standardized security protocols and best practices, often aligned with frameworks like NIST, which can be crucial for supply chain security.
  • Data Sovereignty and Privacy Laws: Data stored and processed in the U.S. is subject to U.S. laws. For companies operating under U.S. jurisdiction, using U.S.-based support ensures that their data handling practices align with local legal requirements.
  • Reduced Risk of Foreign Interference: Depending on geopolitical relations and international dynamics, relying on support outside the U.S. can introduce risks of foreign surveillance, interference, or exploitation. U.S.-based support mitigates these risks.
  • Increased Transparency and Auditability: With screened US domestic support delivery from US Cloud, your data and interactions with the support provider remain within the US jurisdiction, subject to stricter monitoring and auditing requirements. This provides greater transparency and reduces the risk of hidden activities or unauthorized data access.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

  • Reduced Language Barriers: With US Cloud’s all US based teams, communication with your support team occurs in English, eliminating potential language barriers and misinterpretations that can delay problem resolution and hinder efficient collaboration.
  • Shared Cultural Understanding: Shared cultural norms and time zones with US-based support teams at US Cloud can lead to smoother communication, deeper understanding of your needs, and more effective collaboration on resolving supply chain security issues.

Faster Response Times and Reduced Downtime

  • Reduced Distance and Time Zone Differences: US Cloud’s US domestic service delivery teams are readily available during your working hours, reducing the time lag between reporting an issue and receiving assistance. This can result in faster resolution times and minimize downtime in your supply chain operations.
  • Enhanced Familiarity with US-specific Challenges: US-based support teams at US Cloud have deeper understanding of US-specific regulations, compliance requirements, and common security threats within the US supply chain landscape. This can lead to quicker identification and resolution of issues relevant to your organization.

By strategically leveraging US-based support alongside other security measures, your organization can significantly enhance supply chain security, reduce risks, and build a more resilient and reliable operating environment.


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