Azure Premier Support Cost – Optimize to Reduce Business Cost

Azure Premier Support Cost

Azure Premier Support costs are an opportunity for your enterprise to optimize IT costs and reduce overall business costs.

Let’s look at the top challenges of an enterprise IT cost optimization program, what Azure Premier support looks like and how you can optimize your Microsoft Azure Support Plan costs or the new Azure Rapid Response Support as part of Microsoft Unified Support.

Top Challenges of Enterprise IT Cost Optimization

Azure Premier Support Cost - Optimize to Reduce Business Costs

Cost optimization continues to be a critical and continuous discipline for many CIOs. For organizations to be successful, they need to focus on achieving a balance between reducing IT costs and investing in technology to reduce business cost.

Enterprises must design a cost optimization plan that aligns to long-term business goals and evaluates costs across a variety of perspectives, such as assets, services and business capabilities.

Top Challenges and How US Cloud Can Help

  • How do I identify my best opportunities for IT cost optimization?
  • How do I implement an IT cost optimization program?
  • How do I improve IT financial transparency to support cost optimization?
  • How do I use my cost optimization programs to help the enterprise optimize business-related costs?

What is Azure Premier Support?

Azure Premier support is ideal for organizations with substantial dependence on Microsoft Azure. Included within this solution are all the features of ProDirect Azure Support (business-critical) along with:

  • Support assistance for all Microsoft products and services
  • < 15 minute initial response time with Azure Rapid Response (for an additional fee)
  • Service reviews and reporting delivered by a designated Technical Account Manager
  • Customer specific architectural support such as design reviews, performance tuning, configuration & implementation assistance delivered by Microsoft Azure technical specialists

Optimizing Azure Premier Support Costs

US Cloud Azure Premier Support Cost Savings - 30 to 60% or More

The first challenge of an IT Enterprise IT cost optimization program is identifying the best opportunities for savings that can be reinvested in the organization to reduce overall business costs.  One such opportunity can be found around Azure Premier Support costs.  As enterprises invest in Azure for their cloud infrastructure and rely more heavily on Microsoft Azure Premier Support and now Microsoft Unified Support’s Azure Rapid Response, their overall Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is increasing, and along with it, their Azure Premier support costs.

US Cloud’s Premier Support for Azure provides a proven and viable alternative to Microsoft with significant cost savings.  Research analysts, resellers, and enterprise customers are reporting Microsoft  support savings of 30-60% or more.

US Cloud Azure Premier Support is a subscription with support hours that never expire, a 6 minute response time, and service delivery by all US citizens making us ITAR compliant.

Learn more about US Cloud Azure Premier Support and use your savings to fuel your enterprise digital transformation.

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