Want to Save Up To 50% on Microsoft Unified Support?

Want to Save Up To 50% on Microsoft Unified Support?

Microsoft is shifting all of its Premier Support customers to Unified Support, a new service with three plans and unlimited hours.

Our recent experience with clients indicate that most Microsoft Premier Support customers will see prices increases of up to 50% to cover the unlimited hours of Unified Support.

US Cloud Premier Support – an alternative to Microsoft Unified Support
US Cloud is a Microsoft certified partner and has been supporting Microsoft technologies for more than two decades. We’ve managed 2.1 billion logins since 1996 and provide all-USA-based support on-premises or in any cloud, with a six-minute response, 24/7/365.

US Cloud Premier Support is a fair, concierge-style model of support where you choose what support you need and which products you need covered. It’s a more customized approach where you only pay for the support you need. The support hours never expire, and it’s a more cost-efficient because our all-USA-based engineers are jumping on the issue within six minutes and you’re not wasting time navigating an extensive voice prompt call tree, communication challenges from an overseas call center, complicated online portals, or explaining your issue over and over as you’re escalated to someone who can actually help.

US Cloud is a managed service provider that can unburden your team from the maintenance and management of its Microsoft technologies or serve as a safety net for your team to use as needed. Whether you call or submit a support ticket online, you’ll receive a live response from a USA-based, natural English-speaking US-citizen within six minutes, priority routing for all incidents, and if we need to escalate the issue to Microsoft for a source code issue, we’ll white glove that process (we’ve escalated less than 1% of support tickets to Microsoft over the past 20 years).

A USA-based technical account manager and a USA-based dedicated service engineer is included in the top two plans of US Cloud Premier Support and a USA-based service delivery team comes with the core plan. Support hours can be used for proactive support issues, reactive support issues, or migrations/upgrades.

See this post for answers to frequently asked questions.

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