Top 3 Considerations When Moving to a Cloud-Based Security PlatformWe spend a great deal of time helping clients navigate their way to the cloud because it’s rarely a simple process. In addition to helping roadmap a cloud computing strategy, we consult on improving the security posture for their organization.

The cost of installing the security products needed and maintaining those can be a sizeable investment to host on premises. And as the cybersecurity talent gap continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find, hire, and retain the qualified cybersecurity personnel to manage any security platform.

A cloud-based security platform can be a significant cost savings, a way to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies, and it goes on the books as an operational expense instead of a capital expense. Adding managed security services will free up your team to focus on your core business.

So how do you decide which cloud-based security platform to use? Here are the top three considerations when moving to a cloud-based security platform.


You need to be able to see how it works. It needs to go beyond “just trust me.” A cloud-based security platform needs to have been tested and verified by others, and those results need to be accessible to audit.

A lot of proprietary products are open source, which allows the source code to be compiled and checked for security. There are several products from vendors which are not open-source and which cannot be verified by the community for any security holes, such as back-doors.


Does the platform stay current? Threats evolve hourly and the platform needs to be able to adapt to new threats and methods. If the platform is modular, then single modules can be replaced with updates and make the platform much more flexible.


Does the platform come with unique authentication and authorization as the default? Can those be changed to follow your IT policies and best practices? Many platforms are doing a better job of avoiding the generic default credentials that are the same for everyone.

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