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Microsoft Professional Support - Delays and FrustrationThe transition from Microsoft Premier Support to Microsoft Unified Support earlier this year was supposed to improve companies’ support experience. However, we continue to hear that the only change is they’re paying more for the same sub-par support experience – causing many to look at Microsoft Professional Support (pay per incident).  Worse yet, some Microsoft technology based customers no longer qualify (not enough licensed users) for Microsoft Premier (Unified) support and are trying Microsoft Professional Support as an alternative.  Let’s explore four of the most common complaints we receive about Microsoft Professional Support and how you can avoid them with US Cloud:

  1. Slow response time to troubleshoot and fix issues. Microsoft customers tell us time and time again that no matter how they contact Microsoft with issues, it can take hours (if not days) to get a response even if it’s a business critical issue. Microsoft Professional Support offers a 2 hour response Service Level Agreement (SLA) for critical issues. 4 hour response time for moderate business impact, and 8 hour response for minimal business impact incidents.  Despite Microsoft’s size, if the company is rolling out a new version of Office 365 or patches for its on-premises software, SLA’s typically slip. What’s worse is that in many cases, companies’ Microsoft account representatives are unwilling to hold their company accountable if it misses its SLA’s.

Your Microsoft Professional Support Alternative: US Cloud offers a standard 6-minute response time for all issues regardless of criticality or how much you pay for support services. Live, 100% US-Citizen engineers will answer your support tickets and calls 24/7/365.

  1. No TAM or DSE options. Customers who no longer qualify for Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support have told over and over that the Technical Account Manager (TAM) is the single most valuable resource to them since they act as an advocate for them and know their needs.  There are no TAM or Dedicated System Engineer (DSE) upgrade options in Microsoft Professional Support.  You’ll be at the whim of whoever is available to try and assist you.

Your Microsoft Professional Support Alternative: With US Cloud, you can start with our Pro Support and upgrade to Premier when you need a TAM or DSE.  There is no prejudice to company size.

  1. Getting lost in the maze of Microsoft for third-tier support. Those paying for the lowest tier of Microsoft paid support, MS Professional Support, have no way of getting directly to third tier support.  The escalation path invariably has you passed from specialized, siloed support group to support group until you find someone capable of addressing the problem. Clients tell us they must repeatedly explain their issue every time they are handed off to another Microsoft support representative as though there is no record of when they originally submitted their support ticket.  This is in addition to the inherent delays and time demands this convoluted process creates.

Your Microsoft Professional Support Alternative: US Cloud is a Certified Microsoft Partner with 20 years of experience across the Microsoft stack. 99% of all the Microsoft support tickets US Cloud receives are handled by our seasoned experts without having to escalate to Microsoft. For the 1% of Microsoft support tickets that we do need to escalate to third-tier Microsoft support (most likely a software bug), our experts will handle all the back-and-forth for you until the issue is resolved. At US Cloud, you only need to tell us your problem once, and we’ll take it from there. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction.

  1. Microsoft Support in name only. Companies we talk to assume when they buy Microsoft Professional Support incident packs that Microsoft employees are the ones troubleshooting and working their support tickets. The reality is that it’s usually not the case: Third-party vendors (v-email prefixes) like India-based Tata or Wipro are actually providing the support.  If you’re not sure who you are actually dealing with, check the email address of the support engineer handling your case.Microsoft Professional Support Alternative - US Cloud

Your Microsoft Professional Support Alternative: US Cloud will never outsource your support issue to a call center overseas. All US Cloud certified Microsoft engineers are US citizens and are located in St. Louis, Missouri.  As a result, we are one of the few Microsoft support companies who are ITAR/DFARS compliant.

Learn more about how US Cloud is your alternative for a lackluster Microsoft Professional Support experience: Contact us today for a no-contract trial. Often we can get clients up and running with the trial and start handling Microsoft support tickets that same day.

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