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Cloud Backup for business is fast, secure and automatic.  Business Cloud Backup and Replication Services from US Cloud Fuel Innovation, Reduce Data Center IT Operational Costs, Ensure Data Availability and Minimize Business Disruption.  Trust in US Cloud to Backup All Your Company’s Apps, Data and Clouds.  Move Your Organization to Cloud Backup to Maintain Compliance While Enabling Off-Site Data Protection or Disaster Recovery.  Get Pricing Now.

Cloud Backup Services Attributes

Fuel Business Innovation

Reduce Operational Costs

Ensure Data Availability

Minimize Business Disruption

Backup All Apps, Data, Clouds

Automatic Cloud Backup

Highly-Secure, Reliable, Flexible

Rapid Recovery, Granular Restores


Whether it’s an accidental deletion or a server failure, losing your company’s files is easy to do. The best way to protect your business is with a cloud backup plan. Protect your customer data and ensure availability with an easy, secure backup solution for business.  Or replicate data off-site and access it in the event of a disaster.  Protect your firm’s servers today with direct to cloud backup.

to the Cloud

Cloud backup service for all your company’s apps, data and clouds.  Protect your customer data wherever it lives.  Backup business IT assets including cloud native apps, physical servers, files, VMs or containers in any data center.  Backup your organization’s managed clouds, private clouds on-premises, public cloud IaaS or SaaS.

Leverage the Cloud for Your Organization’s Backup

Utilize Cloud Backup Services at US Cloud to protect your company data – all without the cost of building or maintaining a second site.  Further leverage US Cloud Backup Services for disaster recovery (DR), with replication to meet your firm’s RTO and RPO requirements.  Increase or customize backup retention with cloud archive storage on demand to meet your organization’s compliance requirements.  Leverage the cloud for business data protection and enterprise disaster recovery at US Cloud.

Stay Compliant – Offsite Your Firm’s Backups to US Cloud

In today’s digital economy, it’s no longer good enough to only protect your company data locally – there’s too much at risk. Following the 3­-2-­1 rule is industry best practice. This means keep 3 copies of your customer data, on 2 different mediums, with at least one copy off‑site from the business.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery
via Cloud

The days of companies spending large amounts of money on an infrastructure to depreciate and wait for a disaster scenario are over. Today’s enterprise cloud technology makes it easier than ever to share resources and only use them when you need them.  Plus you can leverage the expertise of US Cloud that lives and breathes DR, allowing you to focus on your core business.

IaaS Business Data Protection

Businesses worldwide are starting to build and run production applications in the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. They benefit from the flexibility and agility of the cloud, yet often stop there. Even though these enterprise workloads run in the cloud, they still need to be backed up.

SaaS Business Data Protection

Organizations across industries face regulations that require email to be retained for up to 7 years or even a lifetime. If you’re using an email SaaS solution, like Microsoft Office 365, your data is at high risk in the event of an accidental deletion, outage, or malicious attack.

Virtual Machines (VM) Protection

Cloud Backup Services at US Cloud provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized business applications and data, bringing virtual machine backup and replication together in a single solution with support for your organization’s VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

Cross-Cloud Backup for Business

Mission critical enterprise workloads running in the cloud carry the same end user accessibility expectations as applications running in traditional data centers. They don’t care where it runs, but they demand 24/7 access to company data.

Cross-Cloud Replication for Business

In a multi-cloud strategy, your firm is likely to have “born on the cloud” applications in your environment. In this case, replicating these business applications for data protection and recovery will be critical to ensure enterprise apps stay up and running in the event of unexpected downtime.

Avoid Data Loss
Your Firm

Get low RPOs and streamlined disaster recovery (DR) for your organization with Business Cloud Backup Services at US Cloud.  Some of the benefits to your enterprise include long term retention options, fast and secure cloud backup and replication, WAN acceleration for faster off-site backups, end-to-end encryption of backups and enterprise disaster recovery at scale.

Rapidly Recover Your Business from US Cloud Archive

Get high-speed recovery once you partner with US Cloud and subscribe to our Cloud Backup Services.  Be able to recover a failed company VM in minutes.  Get eDiscovery and granular recovery of MS Exchange, Active Directory (AD), MS SQL Server, SharePoint and Oracle.  Take your firm’s on-premises workloads and restore or migrate them to US Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Verified Recoverability
Your Firm’s Backups

Verify the recoverability of your company’s cloud backups at US Cloud.  We can automatically start your firm’s VMs in an isolated Virtual Lab environment, perform a set of tests and send a status report to your mailbox, so you know your VMs are recoverable at any time. You can also automatically verify your VM replicas for recoverability.  US Cloud can validate data, check accuracy and test for complete reliability by running it to the required restore point in an isolated commercial Virtual Lab.

Leverage Your Business Cloud Backup

Use your enterprise’s cloud backups at US Cloud to create an exact copy of your production environment.  Easily create on-demand sandboxes so you can test a production environment in a sandbox.  Mitigate the business risks associated with application deployment.  Leverage your on-premises EMC, HPE, NetApp or Nimble storage or US Cloud’s EMC storage to combine on-demand sandbox and storage snapspot integration so you can test a new production-like environment prior to any enterprise production rollout.

Increase availability for all your applications and customer data while exceeding SLAs and optimizing IT spend with Cloud Backup Services for Business from US Cloud.  Get Pricing Now.