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US Cloud Will Identify Your Drivers to Move to the Cloud and Take a Systematic Approach, Defining Criteria for Moving, or Starting, Applications in the Cloud, Architecting Core Infrastructure Components for Cloud Integration, and a Disciplined Cloud Migration Process to Security, Governance, and Compliance.

Movin’ Ain’t Easy

Moving to the cloud can be a complex project. A comprehensive assessment is the key to a successful cloud strategy. US Cloud’s cloud readiness assessment will evaluate your existing infrastructure and future business goals. We have the experience you need with the all-USA-based expertise and understanding of both cloud and traditional IT.

First Step of Cloud Roadmap

An effective assessment is the first step in migrating to the cloud. A thorough scan of your existing landscape and internal documentation results in a documented plan and effective strategy to streamline your migration and cloud roadmap design. The assessments also provide a total cost of ownership analysis for a new cloud platform with applications in scope.

What’s Involved?

US Cloud conducts information gathering on application workflow and customer documentation, while working with key stakeholders to ensure requirements and timelines are met. The assessment process includes examining data flow, foundational component structure, and application integration dependencies. With a cloud readiness assessment, our experts can help with cloud roadmap design.

Catalog Existing Applications

To understand what applications should be moved, when, and how, US Cloud will create a well-attributed catalog of applications managed by IT. That way, the relative importance of each attribute that can be weighted so that a prioritized list can be built.

Define Criteria for Moving to, or Starting, Applications in the Cloud

Using a combination of business factors, hardware/software factors, and other technical factors, US Cloud will work with your team to establish a priority listing for sequencing the migration of your workloads.

Change Management

US Cloud will evaluate your IT service management and disaster recovery plan, as well as how a cloud service would integrate with your existing in-house technology infrastructure.

Security Governance, Compliance

US Cloud will take a systematic and disciplined approach to security, governance, and compliance capabilities within your organization so as to assess the security of the environment. This includes a governance and security policy, administrative privilege management, identity systems and identity management, threat awareness, and data protection.