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Identify risky network behavior and dangerous protocols quickly to mitigate data loss at the network layer, minimizing disruption to your business

Stop Unauthorized Network Traffic

  • Based on content, application, or protocol
  • Prevents data loss in real time
  • Even on high-speed networks

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Inspect All Traffic

  • Including attachments and compressed files
  • Across all 65,535 ports without sampling

Identify Critical Information

  • PII
  • Credit card data
  • Source code
  • ePHI
  • Classified data

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Quarantines and Redirects

Quarantine unencrypted emails or redirect them to an encryption solution before they leave your network

Manage High-Risk Web Applications

  • Email
  • Webmail
  • Instant Messaging
  • File transfers
  • Telnet
  • Peer-to-peer networks

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