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Next Generation Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and Detection (IDS) Delivers Better Network Protection from Today’s Cyber Threats. Turn On IPS/IDS service now.

Quick Identification

  • We quickly identify devices operating outside of normal standard operating procedures
  • Includes detection of which software packages are being used to generate the traffic

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Network Analysis

  • Highlight applications run on your network and protected users running them
  • We can control which applications are allowed and which are not – by whom and to what level

Network Identity Database

  • Gather identity information for the devices and applications attached to your network as well as the traffic transmitted
  • We align the information with databases including Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP

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Baseline Declarations

Establish and monitor the baseline behavior for your network’s devices to quickly flag and mitigate anything that violates pre-established policy. We monitor:

  • bandwidth consumption
  • performance degradation

Realtime Event Response

  • Based on pre-established cyber security policies
  • Quickly mitigate data loss

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Constant Tuning

Tune your IPS/IDS based on information gathered in order to optimize counterintelligence