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Implement Proven Network Security for Known and Unknown Threats. Protect Your Network and Cloud Servers from Lurking Malware. No Hardware to Buy or Maintain.

Large Scale Analysis

  • 80,000 events per second analyzed
  • Analysis across multiple virtualized environments
  • Detection for known, unknown, and multi-vector attacks
  • Catch attacks commonly missed by firewalls, AV software, IPS, and traditional sandboxes

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Wire Speed Protection

Enable wire speed protection scaling up to 4 gigabytes per second (Gbps)

Smart Alerts

  • Our malware protection monitors for duplicate and false positive alerts
  • Reduce operational overhead

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Global Intelligence Network

  • You’ll have access to our global intelligence sharing network
  • Gain and share information to help prioritize alerts and direct loss-mitigating responses

Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certified

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