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Managed Firewall Service Provider for Content Filtering & Web Applications. Firewall Security as a Service & Monitoring. Get Hosted Firewall Pricing Now.

Single-Class Traffic Classifications

  • Managed Firewall safely enables applications and protects you from advanced cyberattacks
  • Natively inspects all traffic across applications, threats, and content
  • Ties the traffic to the user in order to align your network security posture with key business initiatives

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Application Identity Protection

  • Protect your network and security policies based on application identity
  • Our Next-Gen managed firewall security isn’t fooled by port of origin, protocol, SSL encryption, or evasive tactics

Application Stream Inspection

  • Prevents viruses
  • Prevents vulnerability exploits
  • Prevents botnets
  • Prevents spyware
  • Prevents advanced persistent threats from reaching your network

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Malicious Applications Mapping

  • We can pin-point attackers and their applications on a real-time map
  • Set policy controls based  on location
  • Create forensics reports for malicious applications and users