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Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service Company. 24/7 Global Team, Tools, Best Practices Ready. Why Build or Hire? Get Managed NOC/SOC Support Pricing Now.

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Instantly deploy your Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), managed 24/7 by your extended team of cybersecurity pros from US Cloud. Get real-time visibility into all your logs, security devices, clouds, and high-value assets. Free up budget and IT to focus on what matters most.

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why you need a SOC now

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MILLIONS of warnings are produced by platforms, applications, and endpoint solutions like
malware, intrusion detection system (IDS) / intrusion prevention system (IPS), and web application firewalls (WAF).

 Quality and speed of the response are CRITICAL to limit the impact on your organization.

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A professionally designed SOC is the FOUNDATION of cyber defense against unauthorized, malicious activity in real time.

A professional SOC requires a blend of the right PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY. 

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The SOC is a team of security analysts armed with the right TOOLS to prevent, detect, analyze and respond to incidents.

“It’s very hard and costly to build a 24/7 SOC. You need five full-time employees for every seat to cover leave, training and sick days. The only viable approach for a small group is outsourcing. Going without a SOC is just too risky and building one alone is just too expensive.”

Augusto Barros, Security & Risk Management Research Director at Gartner Inc.


See how a SOC improves in deployment pace, scalability, cash flow, customization, log data control, compliance ease, expertise, and cost predictability when you compare do-it-yourself SOC, hybrid SOC, and US Cloud’s SOC as a Service.

DIY vs hybrid vs US Cloud SOC

SOC as a Service

US Cloud’s SOC as a Service is a turnkey managed security operations center, delivered as a service. The SOC service is powered by a best-in-class SIEM and managed by battle-tested security engineers to provide real-time security intelligence without the cost, complexity, and extended timeline of do-it-yourself SIEM deployments.

Customers get results without the noise, allowing them to focus on their primary business. Easily add hundreds of additional nodes, generating an avalanche of security data that can be rapidly analyzed in real-time, protecting your digital assets and meeting your security compliance requirements.


Rescue Underpowered IT with SOC as a Service

With limited resources, many IT departments are forced to do the minimum, relying on automated systems and reports, and end up missing data breach indicators living in their logs. Some of the challenges IT faces as they try to keep pace with the increasing quantity and sophistication of attacks include:


Limited IT resources already overwhelmed by ransomware, malware infections and remediation efforts involve massive volumes of security data that must be analyzed


Limited IT budgets preclude investment in all but the highest priority projects


A more complex threat landscape focused on espionage and theft of sensitive information through timed and targeted attacks


Increasing pressure on IT teams to expand security expertise, training and certifications for IT staff, plus managing retention of highly-recruited security staff

SOC as a Service Benefits

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Scalable Expertise and Manpower

79% of information security professionals believe that network security has become more of a struggle to manage since 2015
  • Increasingly dangerous threat landscape – more powerful hackers and more sophisticated hacks
  • Growing complexity of IT – cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT, virtualization
  • Shortage in qualified cybersecurity professionals

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24/7 Cybersecurity Focus

  • Cyberattackers are developing their tactics, arsenals, and organizational structures faster than businesses can prepare their defensive countermeasures
  • The IT risk gap is accelerating and many organizations are outmatched
  • Instead of relying on an understaffed and underskilled internal team, organizations need to turn to outside professionals, who are trained and focused on one priority – cybersecurity


SOC as a Service – The Foundation of Managed Security

  • Organizations need to improve their capabilities for threat detection and incident response
  • Turn to a managed security services provider (MSSP) like US Cloud and establish a solid cybersecurity foundation with SOC as a Service

Security Services

Security Monitoring, SIEM, and Beyond

  • SOC as a Service gives customers access to US Cloud’s certified security staff who provide continuous security monitoring to analyze security incidents and offer documented guidance for remediation
  • Includes SIEM and log management technology
  • You can further extend your SOC as a Service with fully managed security including security best practices for managing malware defense, data protection, account monitoring, incident detection and response

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Staying Ahead of Threats

  • Real-time security monitoring and log management
  • Move beyond a reactive security posture to a proactive one
  • Safeguard systems in advance of cyberattacks

SOC Compliance Considerations

It is important to find the right trusted advisor or SOC managed security provider that shares your same objectives and motivation. To reduce the risk of industrial espionage, consider choosing a SOC as a Service partner which is not in the same industry, but shares most requirements. Apart from internal policies there may be regulatory compliance requirements, like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Sarbanes Oxley, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to contend with. The highest level of trust and transparency between you and your partners should be achieved via mutual non-disclosure agreements (MNDA) or Business Associate Agreements (BAA).

Comprehensive Threat Management

SOC as a Service is just part of the comprehensive threat management offered by US Cloud

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Extend Your Security Team or Fill Gaps

  • Analyst, intel and incident response teams each delivered as a subscription at a fraction of the cost of a hire
  • Cyber intel team scours the dark web hunting down threat actors and identifying patterns of known actors to watch for the next zero-day attack
  • US Cloud’s level of expertise is not found at many other companies offering managed security as a service

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Network Security Management

  • US Cloud will even recommend and purchase hardware for you, including all updates and patches to the existing stack
  • Log data is collected from the security devices across your organization, then processed and analyzed by our cybersecurity analysts at the SOC
  • We provide your security staff with prioritized, clear and actionable information on the threats you face and how to address them

managed security devices

Security Device Management

  • Allows you to better focus your resources where they are needed, while ensuring your infrastructure will function as you have designed it to, continuously, efficiently and always up to date
  • Ensure devices are configured per best practices, monitored to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and patched, and up to date with relevant upgrades and configuration backups
  • DDoS management, firewall management, IPS management, web gateway management, malware management, and vulnerability scanning

Service Coverage

  • on US Cloud
  • on premises
  • on AWS
  • on Azure


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  • Number of nodes
  • Events Per Second (EPS)