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Use US Cloud to Enable Faster Disaster Recovery of Critical IT Systems Without Incurring the Infrastructure Expense of a Second Site.  Backup or Fail Over a VM, Network or Entire Data Center with Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Services to Avoid Loss of Data or Business Disruption.  Use Cloud DR to Recover from Human Error, Ransomware or Natural Disaster.  Get Pricing Now.

Beyond Backup

For those who need more than cloud services backup, US Cloud’s cloud-based disaster recovery services will get your organization back up and running from human error, ransomware, or natural disaster.


With virtualization, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual), including the operating system, applications, patches, and data is captured into virtual machines. These VMs can be copied or backed up to an offsite data center and spun up on virtual hosts in a matter of minutes.

Business Continuity

US Cloud’s cloud-based disaster recovery provides an alternative to setting up your own replication site. Build your business continuity plan with US Cloud so that you can scale the response time objective (RTO), response point objective (RPO), and the performance of your recovered system for your organization’s needs and keep your employees working even when a disaster strikes your office.

Ransomware Defense

Cloud disaster recovery service isn’t just an insurance policy for natural disasters, ransomware and other cyberattacks, power or IT system failure, human error, fraud, acts of terror, and other worst-case scenarios. It’s best practice because of the exponential cost of your business being offline.