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Enterprise Cloud Hosting at US Cloud Provides the Agility, Innovation and Resiliency You Demand.  Build and Manage Your Enterprise Cloud Services to Consolidate Data Centers, Augment Teams and Right-Size Compute and Storage.  Streamline IT Operations and Maximize Cloud ROI with US Cloud.  Get Pricing Now.

Services Designed for Large Organizations

US Cloud provides an enterprise set of services specifically designed for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large organizations to successfully adopt cloud computing.

Deploy the Right-Fit Architecture

Build agile, intelligent applications that take full advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits of cloud computing. Continue to realize value from existing on-premises infrastructure while extending your capabilities with a hybrid cloud. And utilize the resource isolation options in US Cloud’s secure, private cloud to satisfy business and regulatory requirements.

Focus on Your Enterprise, Not Your Infrastructure

Instead of buying and managing your own hardware, software and servers, you can put US Cloud to work for you. It allows you to cut costs, collaborate easily and simplify your business’ IT needs so that your team can focus on innovation.

Why Cloud Hosting?


With US Cloud technology, we make sure everything is kept up-to-date. We handle all the updates, upgrading, hardware, and even daily operations. This unburdens your team to focus on your core business and simplifies a smoother work experience for your business.


Instead of spending tons of money on expensive hardware, you can store your data on US Cloud’s servers. Easily add more or less storage as needed with a change order instead of a new requisition order for hardware and alleviate the logistical worries of adding additional hardware on-premises.


Your business is always changing, and so are its needs. With US Cloud, you can adjust the services you use and how you use them any time. Business may fluctuate, but our all-USA-based service is always there.

Why US Cloud?

2.1 Billion Logins Managed Since 1999

Highly secure, fully redundant, USA-located SOC II Data Centers

Live, all-USA support ticket response in six minutes, 24/7/365

Custom, Private Environment

Personal Account Manager

Unmetered Bandwidth

LightSpeed™ Network

Full Admin Access, Total Server Control

100% Uptime SLA

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