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Enterprise IT Monitoring Services from US Cloud Monitors Any Network, Application or IoT  Across All Your Data Centers and Clouds.  Automated Device Discovery Allows for Fast Deployment so IT Operations, DevOps and Security Teams Can Work Together from One View to Fix Issues Faster, Before They Impact Customers.  Get Pricing Now.

Enterprise Monitoring as a Service

Fix server, cloud, VM, storage, network, app and website issues before they impact customers

World-class support and pay as you grow helps your organization succeed

Single view for Enterprise IT operations, security and DevOps teams to collaborate and fix issues faster

Deploy Faster

MaaS, no hardware to buy
Automated device discovery

Monitor Everything Everywhere

Ready for on-premise, cloud
and hybrid IT infrastructure

Power Up Ops Teams

Consolidate tools to one view
Troubleshoot and fix faster

Enterprise Monitoring Services – Network Performance Monitoring

Enterprise Monitoring as a Service includes network performance monitoring (NPM) functionality.  Network performance monitoring for the enterprise reduces network outages and improves performance. As networks and computer technology become more integrated with business, system outages can seriously impact the bottom line.


Powerful yet intuitive network monitor allows faster problem resolution


Cloud-based to scale up or down with your enterprise

Tailored to You

Custom NPM with dashboards, view, and charts

If your network or digital property is offline the organization’s productivity plummets.  A reliable network performance monitoring service should therefore not only to detect system failures when they occur, but also to keep track of long term changes in network performance and network usage. Continuous network and server monitoring enables you to find potential problems and resolve them before they become a serious threat to your business.

Benefits of network performance monitoring:

Increased profitability

Avoid losses caused by undetected system failures

Improved customer satisfaction

By providing more reliable systems and better customer experience

Peace of mind

No alerts means you know everything is running fine, and you have more time to take care of technology efforts that move the enterprise forward strategically

Ease of use

Enterprise monitoring as a service is fast and easy to deploy.

The enterprise network performance monitoring service includes more than 200 sensor types for all common network services (e.g. PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc.), allowing you to monitor your entire network in real time.

SolarWinds as a Service is also available for those running SolarWinds on-premises and looking to retire on-premises hardware or extend SolarWinds to monitor cloud infrastructure.

All network performance monitoring covers multiple vendors, includes intelligent alerts, network performance baselines and wireless network monitoring and management.

Enterprise Monitoring Services – Application Performance Monitoring

Extend your enterprise monitoring services with application performance management (APM). Use application performance monitoring and management to find bottlenecks, address inefficiencies and speed up performance in your enterprise applications. APM gives you the power to deliver flawless customer experiences.

With Application performance management and monitoring you can improve application quality and performance at every stage – development, QA, and production. Additionally, you can find bugs faster at every stage of your application deployment. You can also monitor application deployments and production performance. Quickly troubleshoot production problems to get users and customers back online. Another advantage to APM is that by constantly monitoring your applications and establishing a baseline, you can iterate and learn how to improve your code over time with small incremental, trackable changes.

Features of Application Performance Monitoring:

Application Performance Monitoring

Error Tracking

Centralized Logging

Application and Server Metrics

Improve your code by finding the slowest parts of your application frameworks and dependencies, such as SQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Elastisearch. Quickly identify which web requests are greatest in volume and greatest in time to execute.

Track errors, monitor spikes in errors and get notified via email or SMS. Troubleshoot applications problems faster by seeing all the data in one place. Improve APM with error tracking and application logging traces. View log statements, errors, SQL queries executed, and external HTTP web service calls.

Get all your application logs from a single view across all enterprise applications and servers. Show full context of errors showing up in your application logs. Log objects and create searchable properties to make logging results more intuitive and useful.

Quickly and easily set up metrics to track every instance of your Java and Windows applications across all enterprise networks and servers. Scale up or down with on-demand power for enterprises of all sizes. Monitor key metrics for Java, .Net, web application traffic, Tomcat, JBoss JMX MBeans, IIS performance counters and error rates.

Enterprise Monitoring Services – Cloud Performance Monitoring

As you invest in the cloud for greater productivity, intelligence and hybrid capabilities, you need a comprehensive monitoring solution to extend the stability of your legacy network to multi-cloud infrastructure. Manage your resources and cloud providers for successful cloud monitoring and ROI.  See executive overview dashboards or deep dive for a comprehensive view into the health of your cloud deployment.  Our built-in automation provides comprehensive strategy for your cloud deployment in AWS or Azure.

Monitor everything and maintain data continuity as you transition to the cloud.  View historical data or live real-time data across your hybrid environment to forecast and make better informed decisions to maximize your cloud ROI.  Cloud Performance Monitoring at US Cloud eliminates blind spots giving you total control of your cloud migration.

Cloud Performance Monitoring Features:

Know Your Costs

Understand where you are spending the most money and optimize your costs to get more out of the cloud.

Outage Alerts

Know about service disruptions before your cloud provider notifies you.  Track availability and latency of your cloud providers to hold them to their service and financial SLAs.

Capacity Alerts

Get alerts on cloud resources before you “hit the wall.”  Increase service availability and deliver better web experiences for your customers by proactively managing your cloud resources.

Performance Monitoring

See how your cloud resources are performing by OS or application.  Analyze trending to dial resources up or down for better ROI.  Avoid over-subscription and wasted cloud investment.

Change Management

Overlay service configuration change timelines with application performance to reduce issue to resolution time.

Enterprise Monitoring as a Service Benefits

Deploy quickly

On-premise tools usually require more time and money to deploy due to the need to purchase and configure new hardware and dedicate staff resources to installing the software.

Cost effective

Gartner considers SaaS based offering like Monitoring as a Service critical for their long-term success.  MaaS is highly-available, fast and scalable. On-premises data center, maintenance and staff overhead can’t compete from a cost perspective.

Cost Predictability

On-premise monitoring tools may introduce budget spikes as the number of devices grow in your environment.  Surges in traffic or demand may also cause sudden cost increases.  MaaS is delivered pay as you grow so costs are predictable and scale easily.

Unified Monitoring

Monitor your entire IT ecosystem including distributed hybrid, private cloud, public cloud, co-location, and on-premise.  Get seamless, unified monitoring, regardless of geographic location or deployment model: on-prem, virtual or cloud-based.

Get Monitoring Off Network

On-premise monitoring products share a point of failure with the systems they monitor. During an outage, monitoring is needed most to expedite troubleshooting and recover as fast as possible.  Isolate monitoring via MaaS to ensure your teams have the tools they need to assess the situation and restore operations.

Better Support

Change in technology is outpacing operations teams’ abilities to keep up.  There is no greater example than an already short-staffed IT operations team trying to monitor a growing hybrid infrastructure while be pushed rapidly to the cloud, AI, IoT and Blockchain.  Coordinating monitoring across IT operations, DevOps and security teams is a distraction for high-value enterprise resources.

Better Security

Security is built into the DNA of MaaS and customers are isolated from one another logically and/or physically.  All traffic occurs over HTTPS using TLS encryption with SAML, whitelisting, and role-based access control and access logging. 24/7 NOC with global data centers offer the availability enterprises demand.  Similar security in an on-premise environment is possible but not economical or practical.

Enterprise Technologies Monitored

Monitor all devices on your entire network, even if they are spread across the globe, in many data centers or customer environments.

Some device examples include: Routers, switches, firewalls, WAP, load balancers, application delivery controllers, WAN accelerators, AWS ELBs, and IoT

Technology vendors supported include: Aerohive, Aruba Networks, Avanu, Barracuda, Blue Coat, Brocade, Buffalo, Check Point, Cisco, Meraki, Citrix, Coyote Point, Dell, Expand Networks, Extreme Networks, F5, Fortinet, HA Proxy, Juniper, Kemp, Palo Alto, Sense, QNAP, Quantum, Riverbed, Sonicwall, Synology, Watchguard, Xsigo Systems, and more.

Enterprise Monitoring Services Integration

Easily integrate with your IT ecosystem or build a custom integration with our open API.


Power up ServiceNow with enterprise monitoring integration to identify problems faster and give a better overall customer experience.  Deliver visibility across all your infrastructure and devices.


Integrate enterprise monitoring as a service with Stride for better collaboration and faster troubleshooting.  Improve communication while speeding up time to resolution.


Allow your Puppet infrastructure to manage your enterprise monitoring service at US Cloud.  Ensure consistency across all your infrastructure and teams.