US Cloud USAC Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN)

As a qualified USAC telecommunications provider, US Cloud is certified to offer hosting services to participants of the USF programs listed below. For more information on how these programs apply to US Cloud hosted services and how you can obtain our Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), read below.

What is a SPIN?

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) uses a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) to collect contact, remittance, and payment information for service providers that receive support from federal Universal Service Fund (USF) programs. US Cloud has been certified and assigned a SPIN number that will allow the USAC to assist qualified organizations in the funding needed for US Cloud managed hosting services.

Who does this apply to?

There are four USF programs: High Cost, Low Income, Rural Health Care, and Schools and Libraries (E-Rate). If your organization participates in one of these programs, you can utilize our SPIN.”

The High Cost Program offers telecommunication funding to qualified organizations in high-cost areas, sparsely populated areas, or areas with dense or rough terrain.
The Low Income Program offers telecommunication funding to qualified individuals in low-income households.
The Rural Health Care Program offers telecommunication funding to qualified rural health care providers.
The School and Libraries Program (E-Rate) offers telecommunication funding to qualified schools, school districts and libraries.

Why is it important?

Many organizations cannot afford the telecommunication services necessary for daily operation. The USF programs allow qualified applicants to sign up for US Cloud Software As A Service hosted solutions at a discounted rate. If your business is USF qualified and you are interested in our hosting services, contact us at 866.780.4678 to get more information and our SPIN number.