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MS Project Server 2016 Hosting for Private Project Management. Go Hosted Project Server for More Security, Control & Power. Get Project Server Pricing Now.


Host Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) securely in US Cloud’s private cloud and enjoy a dedicated architecture, access to Absolute Support®, and security you can’t get in a standard, multi-tenant public cloud or Office 365.

US Cloud has managed 1.9 billion logins since 1999 and is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. We offer fully integrated PPM hosting solutions built on SharePoint and SQL Server.

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ArchitectureUS Cloud Hosted Project ServerProject Online/Public Cloud/Office 365
Server ArchitectureDedicatedShared
99.9% Uptime Guaranteecheckcheck
Redundant Power, Drives & Networkcheckcheck
Fully Scalablecheckcheck
Backup/Failover to Remote Data Centerscheckcheck
Separate Dev/Test Environmentscheckred x
Dedicated Active Directory Domaincheckred x
Custom Backup Frequency & Retentioncheckred x
Automated User Provisioningcheckred x
PPM in Same Domain as SharePointcheckred x
DMZ with Anonymous Accesscheckred x
IntegrationUS Cloud Hosted Project ServerProject Online/Public Cloud/Office 365
Single Sign Oncheckcheck
Online Appscheckcheck
3rd Party Appscheckred x
Custom Codecheckred x
OS Admin Accesscheckred x
DB Admin Accesscheckred x
VPN to on-Sitecheckred x Hosted Project ServerProject Online/Public Cloud/Office 365
FedRAMP Compliantcheckred x
ISO Certifiedcheckcheck
SAAE 16 Certifiedcheckcheck
Data Privacy Assurancecheckcheck
HIPAA Compliantcheckcheck
Customer-Defined Security Policiescheckred x
Defined IP Address Only Accesscheckred x
Private Customer Networkscheckred x
Customer Vulnerability Assessmentscheckred x
Business IntelligenceUS Cloud Hosted Project ServerProject Online/Public Cloud/Office 365
Custom Fields and Viewscheckcheck
SQL Reporting Servicescheckcheck
Direct Database Access for Reportscheckred x
SISS Integrationcheckred x
Plans Comparison2016 Project Professional2016 Project Standard
Fully installed Project applicationOn 1 PC OnlyOn 1 PC Only
Project scheduling & costingcheckcheck
Manage taskscheckcheck
Reporting & business intelligencecheckcheck
Collaborate with Skype for Business prescencecheckred x
Resource managementcheckred x
SharePoint task synccheckred x
Project Online & Project Server synccheckred x
Submit timesheetscheckred x