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Secure Skype for Business for Private Video, Voice, and Instant Messaging. Go Secure Skype for More Security, Control, and Compliance. Get Pricing Now.

Security Features

Completely integrated with Office 365, Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) makes collaboration a breeze for users, it makes virtual meeting administration easy, and it’s all done in your secure cloud giving you:

  • Secure web-conferencing
  • Ability to contact anyone by phone, no matter where they are
  • Options to invite vendors, clients and partners into Skype for Business conversations
  • Integration with Office 365 for a holistic communication experience
  • In-place discovery across Skype for Business, Exchange, and SharePoint through the eDiscovery Center

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Talk securely with Anyone

Skype for Business Web App allows PC and Mac users alike to join in on a Skype for Business meeting from, giving your customers a full Skype for Business meeting experience without any hassle. This includes:

  • Voiceover IP
  • Instant messaging
  • Multiparty HD video
  • Desktop, application
  • PowerPoint sharing
  • Ability to invite partners to join with any HTML-5 browser

The Skype for Business Web App is your new best friend that will save you, your vendors and your customers on travel time and costs, all while making it easier than ever to stay in touch, no matter where you are.

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Persistant Chat

Perfect for keeping multiple conversations about one topic in a single place.

Multiple conversations about one single topic can be time-wasting, to say the least. With our hosted Persistent Chat, you get:

  • Topic-specific chat rooms that won’t be deleted.
  • All messages posted in real time and will remain there, allowing approved users in the group to browse and locate key details at any time.
  • Easy to access and monitor chat rooms, an ideal way to contain communications, and are excellent for promoting brainstorming.

Once your teams begin using Persistent Chat, they won’t know how they lived without it.

Video Spotlight

Enhance the meeting experience and capture your customer’s’ attention by adding our hosted Video Spotlight to your arsenal.

  • Flexible, controllable platform allows face-to-face video calls with your contacts.
  • Focus on one speaker by locking the video spotlight, or let each participant choose the meeting view that they prefer.
  • Deliver an impressive, virtual experience, while offering time-saving features.

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New Features

The new Skype for Business features are sure to make administrators salivate

  • Simple, rapid deployment
  • Easy and low-cost administration over time
  • FSA-compliant call recording
  • Reliable and flexible unified communications, functioning as a complete replacement for the traditional PABX and/or call management systems
  • Availability on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and web clients
  • Seamlessly integrate with any on-premises, or hosted/cloud Exchange server, to provide the full Microsoft unified communications experience
  • Built-in encryption and authorization through Active Directory

Reduce Costs

Skype for Business replaces multiple expenses with one, lower, fixed monthly fee.

  • Eliminate Phone Bills
  • Eliminate Desk Phones
  • Eliminate Bridge Call Fees

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Host Skype with US Cloud

Where you host Skype for Business matters. Here’s why.

  • When you have issues, you need solutions FAST.
    US Cloud responds to tickets in 6 minutes or less, 24/7/365.
  • When you have issues, you want to talk to a person, not a machine.
    When you call US Cloud, a person in the U.S. answers the call and will quickly get you to the person who can solve your problem. You won’t need to enter “1” for technical support, “6” for Skype for Business, etc. This means you get answers faster.
  • You need to talk to a person who can actually fix your problems.
    US Cloud’s Tier 1 support is all Microsoft Certified, which means the person you talk to has the skills to solve your problem and you’ll have to wait for Tier 2 support less often.