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IT Managed Services Company Provider in USA for IT Outsourcing.  Go Managed and Save 37% on Payroll. Get Infrastructure, Help Desk, DevOps Managed Pricing Now.

Top 3 advantages of US Cloud managed infrastructure

24/7 access to expertise

Free your team up to innovate

Leverage best tools

With remote access, US Cloud can manage your infrastructure just like it does for all its hosted customers

  • Monitor network and/or equipment

  • Review and backup firewall logs with monitoring service

  • Assist with securing network for regulations/governance

  • AD admin, DNS, VM, switches – as much as you want with permissions and access

SharePoint-specific example


  • Client was not monitoring its server resources or site performance
  • Client did not have anyone with MS SQL understanding
  • Client did not have a good way to automate its operating system patches
  • Client did not have a proper backup system


  • US Cloud designed a backup solution using its in-house Commvault environment to backup their systems on the client’s premises
    • The backup solution consists of the virtual hard drives, file system, SQL databases, and SharePoint item level
  • Using its in-house SolarWinds environment, US Cloud monitors all the client’s server resources and drive space, sending alerts to not only US Cloud engineering teams, but also the client so that they are made aware
  • US Cloud monitors the client’s site performance on its public facing sites using the SolarWinds’ Web Performance Monitoring module
    • US Cloud records various navigational steps and if any one of those steps take longer than the specified threshold, it alerts US Cloudengineers and the client
  • US Cloud added all the client’s servers to its internal WSUS system
  • US Cloud automated the Operating System patches for both the client’s QA environment and its Production environment
    • The QA environment is patched on a weekly basis and the Production environment is patched during their maintenance window of weekend evenings

Managed services on-premises

Managed Admin

Need access to expertise day & night?

Managed Database

What about someone to manage your data?

Managed Network Engineer

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Managed Applications

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