Microsoft DevOps from US Cloud Augments Your Team and Reduces Enterprise IT Costs.  Rapidly Scale Your DevOps Team and Redeploy the Cost Savings Where It’s Needed Most.

Why You Need Microsoft DevOps Services from US Cloud

Microsoft DevOps Cost Savings with US Cloud

US Cloud MS DevOps Saves

Microsoft DevOps Better Response Time with US Cloud

6 Minute DevOps Response

All US Citizen Team with US Cloud Microsoft DevOps

All US Citizen DevOps Teams

Microsoft DevOps Hours Never Expire at US Cloud

DevOps Hours Never Expire

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps for All Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft DevOps Experts

Microsoft DevOps Ticket Escalation

<1% DevOps Tickets Escalated

Explain Your Issue Once with US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Services

Explain Your DevOps Issue Once

Holistic DevOps Services Across All Your Technology Platforms – Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and AWS

Cross-Platform DevOps Support

Microsoft DevOps at US Cloud Saves 20 - 35%

20-35% Microsoft DevOps Cost Savings 

Microsoft DevOps outsourced to US Cloud typically yields savings from 20-35% or more on hard costs for development and operations teams.  Soft costs such as recruiting, hiring, and retention make the DevOps as a Service model even more attractive saving additional time and energy. US Cloud can rescue endangered IT budgets with its Microsoft DevOps Services. With US Cloud, organizations can extend their own DevOps teams, fill a gap or consolidate roles to optimize their DevOps teams and invest the savings where needed.

Microsoft DevOps Cost Savings Calculator

Microsoft EA Cost Increase - Offset with Microsoft DevOps Services at US Cloud


Reports from industry analysts, VAR/LAR’s, and client companies all confirm that significant price increases for Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) are under way. As companies are forced to renew their Microsoft EA, total agreement costs are rising 10-12% year-over-year (or more) for a large portion of the Microsoft Enterprise customer base. Many enterprises are using US Cloud DevOps and Premier Support Services to offset their Microsoft EA cost increase. 

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps 5x Faster Response Time

Faster DevOps Response Time

Is your DevOps issue business critical? US Cloud will respond to your ticket in six minutes or less.

6-minute Response SLA at US Cloud Microsoft DevOps

All-American Support Team with US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Services

All US Citizen DevOps Teams

Your DevOps issue will never be transferred overseas or outsourced.

US Cloud and all of its 100% US Citizen staff is located in the heartland of the United States.

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Delivered from Heartland USA

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Never Uses Overseas Call Centers

Microsoft DevOps Hours at US Cloud Never Expire

DevOps Hours Never Expire

Don’t sweat trying to keep track of DevOps hours used, remaining, or expiring.

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps hours never expire

Microsoft DevOps Hours Expire

20+ Years of DevOps Experience

US Cloud has more than two decades of Microsoft infrastructure operations and application development services.

US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Escalates Less Than 1% of All DevOps Tickets to Microsoft

<1% of DevOps Tickets Escalated

61,000 Microsoft DevOps tickets resolved with less than 1% escalated to Microsoft (source code issues), a process we white glove.

Explain Your Issue Once with US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Services

Explain Your Microsoft DevOps Issue Once

You won’t need to worry about wasting time explaining your Microsoft DevOps problem from the beginning several times as you are transferred and escalated.

Microsoft DevOps vs US Cloud Microsoft DevOps Call Routing

Cross-Platform Microsoft Microsoft DevOps

Cross-Platform DevOps Support

Holistic Enterprise DevOps Support Across All Your Technology Platforms –
Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and AWS

Cross Platform DevOps

Next step - Microsoft DevOps at US Cloud

Take the Next Step for Microsoft DevOps

Leverage Microsoft DevOps Services at US Cloud to augment your team and reduce enterprise IT Costs.  Easily scale DevOps and use the outsourced savings to fuel digital transformation.