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Rimini Street Competitors for Third Party Support

Microsoft Third Party Support
Published Jan 23, 2023
See Rimini Street's competitors for third party support and 50% savings. Compare Rimini Street to competitors US Cloud, Oracle, and Spinnaker

Beware of New Microsoft Sales Tactic – Adding Unified Support to Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Unified Support
Published Jan 19, 2023
Beware of a new Microsoft sales tactic in 2023 - adding Unified Support to the Enterprise Agreement (EA). Read the brief or It could cost you dearly.

Top 4 Risks of Renewing Microsoft Unified Support in 2023

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Jan 14, 2023
Enterprises must accept the 4 risks of MS Unified Support and renew (pay more) or mitigate with viable third-party Microsoft support in 2023.

Microsoft Software Assurance 24×7 Problem Resolution Support Ends Feb 1, 2023

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support, Microsoft Software Assurance
Published Jan 09, 2023
MS Software Assurance 24x7 problem resolution support ends Feb 1, 2023. See how it impacts your on-premise Microsoft support and options.

Children’s Hospital Association $114M In Microsoft Support Savings Forecasted

Healthcare, Microsoft Unified Support
Published Jan 04, 2023
Children’s hospitals look to US Cloud for Microsoft support. CHA hospitals forecasted to save $114M by switching from MS Premier/Unified.

5 Secrets About Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support
Published Dec 17, 2022
Learn the 5 best kept secrets of Microsoft Support. See how to save big money on your Microsoft Premier or MS Unified support renewal.

Test Drive US Cloud Microsoft Support Speed

US Cloud Microsoft Support
Published Dec 09, 2022
Test drive US Cloud Microsoft Support to see 2x speed. Start Proof of Concept (POC) trial to experience the Formula 1 of 3rd party MS Support.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support

Healthcare, US Cloud Microsoft Support
Published Nov 30, 2022
Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support increases hospital IT efficiency by 25%. Use MS Healthcare Support to reduce clinical costs by 30-50%.

Login for New Microsoft Premier/Unified Support Portal Experience

US Cloud Microsoft Support
Published Nov 13, 2022
Microsoft Premier Support Portal and MS Unified Portal users who login to the new US Cloud Microsoft Support Portal get more features.

Top 4 Risks of Renewing Microsoft Unified Support in 2022

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Nov 01, 2022
Enterprises must acknowledge the 4 risks of MS Unified and either accept them (and renew) or mitigate with viable third-party support in 2022

Microsoft Premier Support Meltdown – Core Quality Failure

Microsoft Premier Support
Published Oct 30, 2022
Microsoft Premier Support has suffered a complete meltdown after years of quality decay. Critical Premier tickets now take weeks to fix.

Microsoft Gov Cloud Support for Federal, Military, and Contractors

Microsoft Gov Cloud, Microsoft Premier Support
Published Oct 14, 2022
Microsoft Gov Cloud Support is ready for Federal, US Military and Contractors. Enjoy faster response times, stay compliant, and save 30-50%.

Microsoft Unified Support Grinds to a Halt

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Oct 04, 2022
For the first time at MS Unified, mission-critical support tickets are now taking weeks, not hours, to fix at Microsoft. Expect more delays.

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Renewals: End-of-Year Tips

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Sep 30, 2022
See the top 8 tips for renewing Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support in 2023. MS using delay tactics for price increases. Know your options.

Top 5 Hidden Dangers Lurking in Microsoft Unified Support Agreements

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Sep 20, 2022
Save money and avoid unpleasant surprises by identifying 5 hidden dangers lurking in every Microsoft Unified Support agreement.

Microsoft Unified Support Competitors

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Sep 15, 2022
There are 3 Microsoft Unified Support competitors. Understand why they compete with MS Unified. See if the biggest competitor is the best.

Don’t Rely on Twitter for Your Azure Premier Support

Azure, Microsoft Premier Support
Published Sep 10, 2022
Twitter updates for Microsoft Azure Premier Support is unreliable. Replace MS Azure Premier with US Cloud support - 2x faster, save 30-50%.

Microsoft End of Life – Extend Lifespan to Maximize ROI

Microsoft End of Life
Published Aug 01, 2022
Add more years to Microsoft end of life systems to maximize ROI. Extend lifespan by avoiding low-value MS upgrades just to stay supported.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Plus Unified Support Is Not Better Together

Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support
Published Jul 26, 2022
Learn why adding Microsoft Unified Support to your MS Enterprise Agreement (EA) should be avoided, per Gartner and professional negotiators.

IT Sourcing Conference – July 18-19

IT Sourcing
Published Jul 11, 2022
Get the latest IT sourcing strategy and IT sourcing solutions used by peers in world-class sourcing programs. Learn from IT procurement & CPO

Is Azure Dedicated Host Pricing Worth the Extra Money?

Published Jun 27, 2022
Azure dedicated hosts give you greater control and ensures compliance. The Azure dedicated investment delivers a host of additional benefits.

3 Year Microsoft Unified Support Agreements – No Price Protection if Growing 5% or More

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support
Published May 26, 2022
Multi-year MS Unified Enterprise Support contracts are a price protection mirage for most. Read the analyst warning about newly added clause.

Grade Your Microsoft Support – Score Your MS Premier or Unified Contract

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support
Published May 07, 2022
Grade your Microsoft Premier or Unified Support services contract. See how your MS Support agreement report card stacks up to enterprise peers

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit 24×7 Problem Resolution Support Lost February 2023

Microsoft Software Assurance
Published Apr 16, 2022
All MSFT customers lose the Software Assurance benefit of PR Support in Feb 2023. Enterprises anticipate 15-25% jump in Unified Support cost.

Q2 2022 Analyst Report – Microsoft Premier/Unified Support

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Apr 04, 2022
As Microsoft Premier Support ends and inflation surges in 2022, CFOs need to cut costs. Analysts indentify MS Unified as prime CIO cost saver

ITAM IT Asset Management Conference – May 17-19 – Las Vegas

IT Asset Management (ITAM)
Published Mar 21, 2022
Come together at IAITAM ACE to explore the latest in ITAM asset management & its impact on business operations, compliance, and profitability.

ITAM/SAM IT Asset Management Conference – March 22-23

IT Asset Management (ITAM)
Published Mar 02, 2022
Attend this free virtual event as IT asset management experts share strategies on Microsoft licensing, SaaS management, cloud contracts & more

Microsoft Premier Support End of Life is July 2022. What Happens Next?

Microsoft Premier Support
Published Feb 09, 2022
Microsoft Premier Support End of Life (EOL) is July 1, 2022. See what happens when your Premier Support ends. Are there alternatives to MSFT?

Use Microsoft Granular Delegated Admin Privileges GDAP for Stronger Enterprise Security and Compliance

Microsoft Security
Published Jan 18, 2022
Use Microsoft Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) for stronger enterprise security and compliance. Compare new MSFT GDAP to legacy DAP

LOG4J 2 Vulnerability Impact on MSFT Enterprise Products & Services

Microsoft Security
Published Jan 09, 2022
See which Microsoft enterprise products and services are impacted by Log4j and what actions should be taken to protect your business in 2022.

How to Optimize Your Microsoft Unified Support Contract in 2022

MS Unified
Published Jan 04, 2022
Optimize your Microsoft Unified Support contract. Avoid big MS enterprise support cost increases, and forecast more accurate IT budget in 2022

What Exactly is the MS Services Hub and Why is it Important?

Microsoft Services Hub
Published Dec 27, 2021
See why the Microsoft Services Hub is so important and how to optimize your MS support spend for maximum IT health and uptime.

Microsoft Unified Support is Too Expensive

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Nov 28, 2021
Enterprises worldwide agree that Microsoft Unified Support is too expensive. See how peers are avoiding the 170% 5-year Unified cost increase.

Enterprises Cheer for US Cloud Premier Support’s Microsoft Escalation SLA

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Oct 20, 2021
The Microsoft Support Escalation SLA guarantees support tickets are time-bound and auto-escalated. No MS Unified tickets sitting for weeks!

How Much Does Microsoft Unified Support Really Cost?

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Oct 12, 2021
Microsoft Unified Support starts at $25k and grows with your cloud spend. See MS Unified plans and learn how to cut Unified costs by 30-50%.

Q3 2021 Analyst Report – Microsoft Support Alternatives

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 30, 2021
Read the latest report on Microsoft support alternatives and why the market is embracing 3rd party MSFT support and its 50% cost savings.

US Cloud Support Sovereignty Assures No Foreign Nationals for Government, DoD and Aerospace Compliance

US Cloud Microsoft Support
Published Jul 16, 2021
Support sovereignty at US Cloud guarantee all USA citizen Microsoft support. Government, DoD, Aerospace get compliant & save 30-50% on budget

US Cloud Can Escalate Support Tickets to Microsoft As Needed

US Cloud Microsoft Support
Published Jun 22, 2021
Less than 3% of US Cloud tickets get escalated to Microsoft. Support tickets go to MSFT as needed per our financially backed Escalation SLA.

Microsoft Third Party Support at US Cloud Unlike Rimini Street’s Oracle 3rd Party Support

Microsoft Third Party Support
Published Jun 16, 2021
Microsoft Third Party Support at US Cloud doesn't hurt your Microsoft relationship. Maintain your OEM relationship while saving 30-50%

Europe (EU) US Cloud Microsoft Support Case Study

Europe EU, Financial & Banking, IT Procurement & Vendor Management, Microsoft Unified Support
Published Jun 08, 2021
Global 2000 European Union (EU) investment firm exits Microsoft Unified for 72% cost reduction with US Cloud. Recoups €21M EUR next 5 years.

Microsoft Unified Can’t Compete With The Truth

IT Procurement & Vendor Management, IT Sourcing, Microsoft Unified Support
Published May 10, 2021
Microsoft Unified can’t compete with the truth about US Cloud. Dispel MSFT fear tactics and join hundreds of enterprises saving 30-50% with US Cloud support.

US Cloud Microsoft Support – Executive Summary

Microsoft Support
Published May 03, 2021
Quickly understand what US Cloud Microsoft support is and why hundreds of enterprises are leaving MSFT. Weigh 50% savings vs risk. See common questions by companies considering replacing Microsoft Unified with US Cloud. Dispel MSFT sales team FUD tactics with the facts on US Cloud support.

Look Deeper to Forecast Microsoft Unified Support Costs

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Mar 29, 2021
IT procurement is using 5 year Unified forecasts to cut short term MSFT support costs by 30% and avoid long term Unified cost increases of 5x

US Cloud Sponsors ProcureCon IT Event – April 20

IT Procurement & Vendor Management
Published Mar 16, 2021
Join senior IT procurement, SAM & ITAM professionals for the virtual event of the year as they share contract + buy strategies. Free signup.

Traditional IT Partners Fail at Microsoft Enterprise Support

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Mar 01, 2021
Read why IT partners like software resellers and MSPs fail to deliver Microsoft Enterprise Support but are great US Cloud partners.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs CSP

MS Enterprise
Published Jan 21, 2021
Read Microsoft Enteprise Agreement vs CSP? Get answers to optimize your MSFT licensing. See how EAs are using CSP to reduce Unified costs.

New US Cloud Covid Relief Pricing Aids Business Recovery

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Nov 17, 2020
US Cloud is offering a Covid Relief 20% discount to business & enterprise. Replace MSFT Premier/Unified support with Gartner winner US Cloud.

Microsoft Premier Support – Pay Monthly, Not All Up Front

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Nov 09, 2020
Business used to have to pay $25,000 upfront to get Microsoft Premier Support. See how to save 30-50% and conserve your cash by paying monthly

Businesses Can Once Again Afford Microsoft Premier Support

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Nov 04, 2020
Business used to have to pay $25,000 upfront to get Microsoft Premier Support. See how to save 40% and keep your cash by paying month to month

The Growing Cost of Microsoft Premier/Unified Support

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Oct 15, 2020
See why Microsoft Premier/Unified support costs keep growing, SA discounts are disappearing, and how to reduce your MSFT support costs 30-50%

Q4 2020 MSFT Premier/Unified Support – Research Analysts Report

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 26, 2020
US Cloud identified as the leading independent third-party support provider for Microsoft with savings up to 50%.

Microsoft Support Provider US Cloud Awarded Inc. 5000

Awards, Microsoft Support
Published Aug 17, 2020
US Cloud is one of of the fastest-growing companies in America. Enterprises are replacing their MSFT Premier (Unified) Support with US Cloud and saving ~50%

Leading Global Banks Replace Microsoft Premier Support with US Cloud

Banking, Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 06, 2020
See why 3 of the 5 largest banks in the UK chose US Cloud as a replacement for Microsoft’s Premier (Unified) Support in 2020.

Epicenter of Microsoft Enterprise Support – US Cloud New HQ

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jul 14, 2020
See the new headquarters of US Cloud in St. Louis, Missouri. The home of all US citizen Microsoft certified engineers and 30-60% enterprise support savings.

Is Microsoft Premier Support Worth It?

Microsoft Premier Support
Published Jun 18, 2020
New or renewing Microsoft Premier Support? Take a closer look at MSFT Premier Support and its worth to your organization. Cut support costs 50% at US Cloud.

Enterprises Move to Reshore Their Microsoft Support

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Apr 06, 2020
Enterprises are moving their Microsoft support back to the USA as Covid-19 disrupts India based MSFT Unified/Premier support outsourcers Tata and Wipro.

Microsoft Outsourced Support to India Struggling with COVID19

Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support, Uncategorized
Published Mar 27, 2020
Outsourcing giants Tata and Wipro handle a massive portion of Microsoft Support requests – and they are now in a mad scramble to cope with the unfolding crisis in India.

Q2 2020 MSFT Premier/Unified Support – Research Analysts Report

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Mar 20, 2020
Get the latest Microsoft Premier/Unified Support in-depth research and analysis from Gartner, Forrester and IBRS. Uncover hidden costs and save up to 50% with proven alternatives like US Cloud.

Microsoft Support Alternative US Cloud Launches Reseller Program

Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support, Reseller Program
Published Mar 07, 2020
VARs and MSPs can build recurring revenue and slash client Microsoft support costs by reselling US Cloud MSFT Premier (Unified) Support alternative.

Microsoft Support Data Breach

Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support
Published Feb 05, 2020
Microsoft support data breach of 250 million records, Dec 2019. Get the facts and see why enterprises are switching to US Cloud for MS support

Cloud Security – NSA Guidelines

Cloud Security
Published Jan 23, 2020
Read the National Security Agency detailed examination of methods used to attack cloud providers. Don't let these be your companies' cyber weak spot in 2020

Is Microsoft Unified Support Mandatory

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Nov 22, 2019
See if Microsoft Unified Support is mandatory and what alternatives exist. Learn what others are doing to control their Microsoft support costs.

Microsoft Unified Support Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Oct 26, 2019
Microsoft Unified Support frequently asked questions include how much does it cost? Do I qualify? Are there alternatives to MSFT Unified?

Top Cyber Threats in 2020

Cyber Security
Published Oct 22, 2019
See what the top cyber threats are for 2020 and how to best protect your organisation from attacks.

Microsoft SAM – Software Asset Management Cost Savings

Microsoft SAM
Published Oct 11, 2019
Microsoft SAM or Software Asset Management cost savings now thru 2025. Cut MSFT support costs by 30-60% at US Cloud. Free up IT budget with MS SAM savings.

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits – 2020 thru 2022 Changes

Microsoft Software Assurance
Published Sep 17, 2019
Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) benefits are changing starting in 2020. See the dates and how the MS SA changes will affect you thru 2022.

Microsoft Premium Support – Keeps Your Business Running

Premier (Unified) Support, Professional Support
Published Sep 06, 2019
Microsoft premium support keeps your tech running. See if Pro or Premier support is best for your business. Premium = responsive, USA, 24/7, MSFT certifed.

Microsoft Business Support – Pro or Premier (Unified)?

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 21, 2019
Microsoft business support keeps your tech running. But which Microsoft support do you need? MS Professional or Premier (now Unified)? Compare them now.

DoD JEDI Awakens to Microsoft Premier Support Alternative, US Cloud

Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, Microsoft Premier Support
Published Jul 25, 2019
Department of Defense identifies US Cloud as viable alternative to Microsoft Premier support for JEDI sovereignty and 38% cost savings.

Microsoft Unified Support Agreement – What You Should Know

Microsoft Unified Support
Published May 30, 2019
See the highlights of the 27-page Microsoft Unified Support Agreement. Be better prepared for your renewal and avoid any surprises or lurking gotchas.

It Pays to Know Your A, B, C Severity Levels of Microsoft Unified Support

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Apr 22, 2019
Enterprises are seeing their Microsoft Unified Support response times suffer for all but Severity A (critical) levels. Learn why and options.

Microsoft Unified Support Renewal Cost Sky Rockets

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Apr 16, 2019
Enterprises are finding their Microsoft Unified Support renewal costs sky rocketing. See why costs will continue rising and how to avoid the 30-60% hike.

6 Reasons to Get Microsoft Premier Support for Developers from US Cloud

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Apr 15, 2019
Why you need MS Premier Support for Developers from US Cloud: 30-60% savings, application development managers, reactive/proactive support for all ms code.

What is Enterprise Patch Management?

Enterprise Patch Management
Published Apr 08, 2019
What is enterprise patch management? See why it's key to your enterprise IT security & compliance. Leverage US Cloud to patch on time and avoid cyberattacks

How Is Microsoft’s Unified Support Pricing Calculated?

Microsoft Unified Support
Published Apr 01, 2019
See how Microsoft calculates the price of Unified Support. You must understand the new Unified pricing model to avoid 30-50% cost increase from Premier.

Azure Support Services at US Cloud

Azure, Premier (Unified) Support
Published Mar 27, 2019
Azure Support Services at US Cloud saves your enterprise 30-60% while enabling AI, IoT and DevOps. Redploy your Azure support savings where it's needed most

Microsoft Premier Support Published Price List Now Available

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Mar 20, 2019
Get the Microsoft Premier Support published price list to see what MS Premier support will cost your enterprise. Then compare to the 30-60% US Cloud savings

5 Steps to Securely Deploy Microsoft Office 365

Office 365
Published Jan 23, 2019
Follow these 5 steps for a secure MS Office 365 deployment. Doing so will drastically reduce the threat that hackers can infiltrate your Office 365 tenant.

Microsoft Premier Support Resellers (LSP/LAR/VAR) Ask for Resale Option – US Cloud Delivers

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jan 02, 2019
MS Premier (Unified) Support resellers find US Cloud option. LSP/LAR/VAR can now resell 30-60% savings, 6 min response, all US citizens, hours never expire.

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support Questions

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Dec 23, 2018
See Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support common questions. Can I avoid 30-60% Unified cost increase? Why do hours expire? Can I get all US citizen support?

Office 365 Premier Support Cost – Optimize IT Costs in 2019

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Dec 17, 2018
See how to optimize Office 365 Premier Support costs at your enterprise and reduce overall business costs - fuel your digital transformation in 2019.

Azure Premier Support Cost – Optimize to Reduce Business Cost

Azure, Microsoft Premier Support
Published Dec 11, 2018
Azure Premier Support costs are an opportunity for your enterprise to optimize IT costs. Reduce your Microsoft Azure support plan costs now.

Microsoft Professional Support Alternative

Professional Support
Published Oct 16, 2018
Get Microsoft Pro Support at US Cloud for immediate access to MS certified support. Ditch the delays and frustration - 6 min response, 100% US citizen team.

Unified Support for Microsoft CSP’s? You Need a Plan B

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Oct 09, 2018
Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support for Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) is a safety net w/ gaping holes. Identify the holes to protect customers and revenue.

Microsoft EA License Costs Increasing Oct 1

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
Published Sep 23, 2018
See the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) license changes you need to know. See Gartner recommendations to reduce licensing costs.

Government Premier Support – Stay Compliant with US Nationals

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Sep 21, 2018
Gov Premier Support at US Cloud helps Federal, State, Local Government meet US compliance/security standards w/ screened US citizens

Ready For Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday?

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Aug 24, 2018
Patching Microsoft systems is your biggest headache and security risk. Let US Cloud take on your enterprise patch management and make Tuesdays worry-free.

Middle East – Avoid 40% Microsoft Premier Support Cost Increase

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 20, 2018
Middle East MS Unified support cost is going up. Save 40% with US Cloud Premier Support - hours never expire, 24/7 EMEA support, Gartner recognized.

UK – Avoid 40% Microsoft Premier Support Cost Increase

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 13, 2018
United Kingdom (UK) MS Unified support cost is going up. Save 40% with US Cloud Premier Support - hours never expire, GDPR ready, Gartner recognized.

Scandinavia – Avoid 40% Microsoft Premier Support Cost Increase

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Aug 06, 2018
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden's MS Unified support cost increasing. Save 40% with US Cloud Premier Support - hours never expire, GDPR ready, Gartner recognized.

Microsoft Pay Per Incident (PPI) Alternative

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Jul 30, 2018
Enterprise managed services are key to security and operational efficiency. See why offloading monitoring, backup, and patching help your enterprise IT win.

Who’s Really Handling Your Microsoft Enterprise Support Calls?

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Jul 23, 2018
You call the Microsoft enterprise support phone number and get outsourced overseas. Problem: not compliant or secure. Solution: US Cloud.

10 Ways to Avoid Paying a 30% Microsoft Tax on Unified Support

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jul 17, 2018
Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to a Microsoft Unified (Premier) Support alternative to avoid this 30% Microsoft tax.

Top 5 Tips to Negotiate a Microsoft Enterprise Support Renewal Agreement

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Jul 05, 2018
As Microsoft transitions from Premier to Unified Support, be prepared to negotiate and win. Get 5 tips for MSFT Enterprise Support renewal success.

Negotiating Microsoft Unified Support? Ask These 10 Questions

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jul 02, 2018
As Microsoft transitions from Premier to Unified Support, be prepared to negotiate and win. Get the 10 tips for a successful MS Unified Support negotiation.

European (EU) Countries – Avoid a Microsoft Premier Support 40% Cost Increase, Effective July 1, 2018

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jun 25, 2018
Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support cost for Europe (EU) to increase 40% on July 1, 2018, per Gartner Research. Avoid the cost increase with US Cloud.

How Can the EU Avoid the New 40% Microsoft Tax on Premier (Unified) Support?

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jun 19, 2018
Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support cost for Europe (EU) to increase up to 40% on July 1, 2018, per Gartner Research. Avoid the cost increase with US Cloud.

Your Microsoft Consulting Services Alternative for Digital Transformation

Microsoft Consulting Services
Published Jun 11, 2018
US Cloud is your viable alternative to Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). 25-30% savings per Gartner, USA-based, MS certified, support all technologies.

US Cloud Premier Support Questions

Premier (Unified) Support
Here are questions from a financial sector Enterprise customer who switched from Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support to US Cloud Premier Support Services.

Put Your Microsoft Enterprise Support Spend on a Diet

Microsoft Enterprise Support
Published Jun 05, 2018
With the upcoming changes in Microsoft's support model, you could be paying a lot more for services you don't use. Luckily, there's a way you can keep using Microsoft AND have a support experience that fits your business's unique needs.

7 Tips for a Successful Microsoft Premier Support Negotiation

Premier (Unified) Support
Published May 30, 2018
As Microsoft transitions from Premier to Unified Support, make sure you're prepared to negotiate. Here are 7 tips we recommend for a successful Microsoft Premier Support Negotiation.

Is Microsoft Unified Support Worth a 30% Cost Increase?

Microsoft Unified Support
Published May 22, 2018
If you’re a typical business paying around 7% of annual Software Assurance cost for Premier Support, you will pay 30-50% more in Unified.

Law Firm Cyber Security Challenges

Cloud Computing and Security
Published May 21, 2018
The largest security challenge for law firms is requirements to keep sensitive documents on-premises while facing ever increasing demands to securely access their data from any device, anywhere. The solution is hyper-converged private cloud infrastructure for high-availability and data encryption at rest.

Microsoft Premier Support Negotiating? Ask These 6 Questions.

Premier (Unified) Support
Published May 15, 2018
Whether you’re already a Microsoft Premier support customer or are considering jumping into the Unified support model, you have a lot of questions you should ask to make sure you’re getting the right level of support, and consider the only Gartner-recognized alternative - US Cloud Premier Support.

The Dangers of Microsoft Premier Support for Public Sector Customers

Premier (Unified) Support
Published May 08, 2018
Microsoft doesn’t guarantee support tickets would be worked solely by support staff within the United States – a mandate of the DFARS and ITAR regulations. US Cloud Premier Support is an all-USA-based alternative to Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support.

Your Path to Save 30% on Microsoft Premier Support Costs

Premier (Unified) Support
Published May 01, 2018
According to Gartner, companies can expect a 25 to 30 percent price increase when Microsoft switches from Premier Support to Unified Support. In our conversations with our customers around the world, the reality is that the price increase will be as high as 35%. US Cloud Premier Support is a viable alternative.

Microsoft to Scan All of Your Company’s Private Data in Azure and Office 365

Cloud Blog
Published Apr 02, 2018
Microsoft announced that it is going to start monitoring virtually everything across its platform. Therefore any data you store in Azure and Office 365, including your sensitive customer data and proprietary intellectual property, will be scanned by Microsoft.

Is IoT device security the key to preventing more DDoS attacks?

Cloud Blog, Cloud Security, Cyber Security
Published Mar 20, 2018
DDoS cyberattacks from compromised IoT devices are happening more and more frequently. You need to make sure you’re ready for it – otherwise you could face a tremendous disruption in business, lose money, and have to rebuild trust with your employees, customers, and clients.

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Cloud Blog, Cloud Security, Cyber Security
Published Feb 23, 2018
For many organizations, conducting a full network analysis before transitioning some of their network resources to the cloud is the first time an IT leader is able to scope a full and accurate view of what their IT environment looks like. That has to be before you can secure your hybrid cloud environment.

Follow These 3 Steps to Shine a Light on Cybersecurity in Your Enterprise

Cloud Blog, Cloud Security, Cyber Security
Published Feb 20, 2018
Here are three ways you can bring cybersecurity from the dark shadows of your office to the forefront of everyone’s minds, all the while keeping hackers out of your business.

Survey Says: Look Beyond Public Cloud for Flexibility, Control and Scale

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Feb 13, 2018
According to a recent survey from 451 Research, there is persistent demand for what it calls specialist service-provider infrastructure. Read: Those who support hosted private cloud and other dedicated hardware environments acting as components to public cloud or serving as critical components of hybrid IT.

DFARS Cyber Security Compliance

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Feb 12, 2018
DFARS, outlines 14 families of security requirements for protecting the confidentiality of CDI you must meet in order to continue providing services and products to large defense organizations such as the Department of Defense.

Adopt These 5 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Protect Your Enterprise Today

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Feb 06, 2018
Here are the five cybersecurity best practices you should incorporate into your information security plan immediately to protect your enterprise.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Jan 30, 2018
Cloud computing basics – from the elevator pitch description and the difference between public and private cloud, to how you can begin building a cloud business case.

Want to Save Up To 50% on Microsoft Unified Support?

Premier (Unified) Support
Published Jan 24, 2018
Microsoft Premier Support customers will see prices increase 25-30% to cover the unlimited hours of Unified Support. US Cloud Premier Support is a fair, concierge-style model of support where you choose what support you need, which products you need covered, and saving 25-30% compared to MS Unified Support.

Your Plan for Taking Internet Connected Medical Devices Off Life Support

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Jan 23, 2018
How to balance the need for utilizing disruptive technology trends such as cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve care for patients with keeping sensitive healthcare data secure.

3 Reasons Why 33% of Companies are Ditching AWS & Azure

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Jan 09, 2018
Companies have public cloud buyer’s remorse. A recent survey found 1/3 of enterprises migrated data from AWS/Azure back to private cloud.

Avoid Getting Throttled by SharePoint Online Office 365!

Microsoft Technologies
Published Dec 26, 2017
The throttling issues in workflows and compliance related history in Office 365's SharePoint Online are not an issue in US Cloud's private cloud.

New Rules in 2019 Change Data Center Lease Definition

Cloud Blog, Cloud Hosting
Published Dec 20, 2017
Lease definitions are changing for renting space in datacenters, making those CapEx instead of OpEx. Talk to the cloud architects at US Cloud about a multi-cloud strategy to maximize the security and costs of your workloads.

Are You Ready for DFARS Compliance with NIST 800-171?

Cloud Computing and Security
Published Dec 11, 2017
NIST 800-171 outlines 14 security requirements for protecting the confidentiality of CDI you must meet in order to meet DFARS compliance.

Cross These 5 Programming Trends Off Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Cloud Blog
Published Dec 07, 2017
What's hot and what's not with programming trends in 2018

Nine Free SharePoint Tools to Simplify Your SharePoint Admin Life

Administrative Support, Cloud Blog, Office 365, PowerShell, SharePoint, SharePoint Tips & Tricks
Published Dec 05, 2017
SharePoint is packed with features, and there’s a rich ecosystem with thousands of products. Here are 9 free tools that could be useful as an administrator.

Microsoft Support For Exactly What You Need

Administrative Support, Cloud Blog
Published Nov 29, 2017
US Cloud™ has been working with Microsoft for 20+ years and provides a more cost-efficient and all-USA-based alternative to MS Premier (or Unified) Support.

Jay Kladiva Joins US Cloud as Director of Managed Services

Cloud Blog, News
Published Nov 10, 2017
US Cloud has hired Jay Kladiva as the new Director of Managed Services. He will steer the company’s hub of operations as it continues to grow.

Fpweb and US Cyber Vault Reborn as US Cloud

Cloud Blog, News
Published Oct 01, 2017
Sister companies and US Cyber Vault have rebranded as US Cloud, a managed cloud provider with cloud computing, management, and security services.
Microsoft Premier and Unified Support Alternative - US Cloud

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Save 30-50% with US Cloud

Enterprises worldwide are replacing Microsoft with US Cloud to save 30-50% on support costs.

Enjoy ultra-responsive, 24/7 fanatical global support from domestic US teams while freeing up funds to invest in innovation, create competitive advantage, and drive growth.