Cross These 5 Programming Trends Off Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Reflecting on the Previous Year

Top 5 programming trends of 2018

As we rapidly approach the end of 2017 and look ahead to 2018, it’s common for us to reflect on what worked for us this year and what we’d like to change when the ball drops in Times Square.

Some resolutions are more worthwhile than others. We’ve looked into our crystal ball here at US Cloud to find the 5 programming trends you should avoid in 2018, and what you should do instead:

Avoid: Buying your own data center

Let’s be honest – the days of keeping all your IT infrastructure in-house are over. It used to be a point of pride to open your own data center, hire your own staff to run it, and host all the software you needed. The cost to house, staff, train, and operate IT continues to grow – and so do all the complexities that come with ownership. You are on the hook for any breakdown, failure, or data breach. You have to be clairvoyant and be able to see into the future of your business, knowing the exact right mix of platforms and services to incorporate into your IT portfolio.

Do this instead: Simplify your infrastructure with US Cloud’s private cloud hosting and dedicated hosting for total server control. Stay secure, run all your custom code and apps, and focus on growing your business instead of buying more space for server racks.

Avoid: Relying on resumes to hire your next programmer

Relying on resumes to find the programmers that will take your team into the 21st century is so last decade. It’s one thing to talk the talk – listing out accomplishments and using big terms such as innovative and collaborative. It’s a completely other matter to walk the walk, to show your body of work and exactly how you’d be the perfect fit for a company. The good news? There are places like GitHub where programmers go to code and then share it with other like-minded people. This is a gold mine for you to identify burgeoning talent you’d want to bring on board.

Do this instead: Let US Cloud do the vetting for you. While other IT staffing agencies might throw a bunch of candidates your way to see if any stick, US Cloud will just recommend the best one.

Avoid: Falling into the trap of assuming you can only leverage big data with Hadoop

Think of Hadoop like a Hummer. Big, strong, powerful … larger than life, and impossible to find parking on the street. When big data became the business term du jour a few years ago, people thought they needed the biggest, most powerful system possible to churn millions of lines of code to drive actionable insights. If you’re a large, multinational corporation that relies on data every second of every day, then Hadoop might be for you just like a Hummer works for those who go off-roading and need to transport heavy material.

If you’re the other 99% of businesses today, you really just need a single machine without the hassles of coordination or communication, just like a weekend warrior who needs to drive twice a week and doesn’t want to have to spend a week’s pay filling their car with gas.

Do this instead: Pick the cloud services – and platforms – that fit your specific business needs and let US Cloud operate them for you. Work with our seasoned experts who can assess your business needs and help you determine just how much IT you need to run your business.

Avoid: Not having a web application framework that coexist for both clients and servers

The server world has always thrived on the threaded model that let the operating system indulge any wayward, inefficient, or dissolute behavior by programmers. But when you use web app frameworks like JavaEE or Ruby on Rails, it’s nearly impossible to move around features and duplicate functionality between client-side and server-side. You’ll have to know a few different programming languages just to get your job done. More time, more complexity, and greater potential for error.

Do this instead: Call the experts at US Cloud – we are your safety net to bridge the institutional knowledge gap between your team and their predecessors, with an eye on next practices to allow your IT team to shine.

Avoid: The cloud computing simplicity trap

For years, cloud vendors hammered home just how easy it was to press a button and start running your IT services without worrying about maintaining server rooms. As we’ve all seen, cloud isn’t that simple. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. Choosing the right machines and figuring out the right discount programs can take more time than writing the code to make it all work for your business.

Do this instead: US Cloud works with all cloud vendors – in fact, check out our website and understand just how private versus public clouds stack up based on qualities such as security, compliance, support, ease of use, price, scalability, and cost predictability. The experts at US Cloud have the industry expertise to ask the right questions and help set up the perfect environment that will help differentiate your business.

Ready to take your programming and IT to the next level in 2018? Get a quote from US Cloud. We help you simplify your infrastructure, unburden your team, and protect your brand.

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