Follow These 3 Steps to Shine a Light on Cybersecurity in Your Enterprise

cybersecurity iconSecurity by its very nature is supposed to be in the background, working behind the scenes to ensure you don’t see the threats that could crop up at any moment. Hackers operate in the shadows, hiding in the dark web looking for areas to exploit in order to steal your sensitive customer data and intellectual property. However, an unfortunate consequence is that cybersecurity lacks the support and enforcement necessary to keep your data secure.

Your enterprise is likely similar to many we’ve worked with – complex daily operations, different demands requiring attention at all times, leaving many to have cybersecurity fatigue … if it’s more steps or workarounds for employees to do their jobs, they likely won’t participate.

In today’s environment, a focus on cybersecurity isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Making sure that focus is achieved starts with your company’s culture. You may have fire extinguishers in your office building, but you prefer to prevent fires from ever happening so you don’t need to use the extinguishers, right? Same idea applies to cybersecurity – you want to prevent hackers from ever infiltrating your defenses so you don’t have to spend potentially millions of dollars dealing with the damage.

Here are three ways you can bring cybersecurity from the dark shadows of your office to the forefront of everyone’s minds, all the while keeping hackers out of your business:

Close the Skills Gap

As with many aspects of technology, the explosion in cybersecurity complexity and innovation is real. In the past, your IT security employees could learn a few cybersecurity protocols, monitor your on-premises system, and address any problems as they arose.

Thanks to software automation and cloud computing, taking a 20th century view of cybersecurity is no longer sufficient. Cybersecurity experts’ roles have changed, moving from being an order taker to one who needs to not only understand what’s happening but be able to make rapid decisions to keep your company secure.

Unfortunately, need hasn’t kept pace with skills: There’s a significant shortage of cybersecurity experts in today’s labor market, and that shortage will grow to 4 million people by 2020. While earlier cybersecurity systems may have been simple enough for one or two specialists to manage, the complexity of the modern landscape means you need a team possessing a constantly evolving skill set to cover emerging concerns. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, look to managed security service providers (MSSPs) like US Cloud, which already has experienced cybersecurity experts available to help you secure your data and applications.

Bring Your Security Team to Upper Management

As today’s cybersecurity experts evolve into tomorrow’s decision makers, they should also gain more influence in the boardroom. Security is a boardroom level issue, because the consequences of data breaches can lead to litigation, millions of dollars in damages, and loss of trust degrading your brand. Brand, money, and litigation are generally board level issues, and cybersecurity should be principal among them.

This should not only take place in the middle of a breach or other urgent challenge, but in all discussions. Technology and security experts have an invaluable vantage point thanks to their intimate knowledge of organizational structure, information flow, operational process, and more. Your leadership team has every reason to value their perspective.

By highlighting the dangers of security breaches and the efficiencies created by good security practices, cybersecurity professionals can prove the importance of integrating security measures into overall decision making, helping improve the bottom line. We have advisory services that can help you find the right ways to convince your boardroom cybersecurity is an issue they should bring to the forefront of their meetings moving forward.

Create a Security Culture

While a strong security approach needs leadership buy-in, that’s by no means the end of the battle. You need to take a top-down as well as bottom-up approach, which means working with your employees to help them recognize the need for stronger cybersecurity and how they can help.

It’s a two-way street, though: Security training is important, but take the time to listen to your employees and understand how they get their work done on a regular basis. If you just implement security policies that create barriers for employees to get their jobs done, they’ll find ways around them and subsequently leave you open to cyberattacks. It’s important to also take the time to communicate with them as threats arise: We all need regular reminders to remain vigilant against an ever-evolving world of security risks.

If cybersecurity was easy, we wouldn’t be losing billions of dollars a year to hackers. US Cloud has the experience and tools you need to create a specialized strategy to bring greater awareness and enforcement that safeguards your network and cloud from emerging cyber threats. From penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to managed security plans, hyper secure cloud and next-generation security tools, US Cloud has you covered.

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