Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Cloud services offer efficiencies and productivity, agility, and cost savings. There is no question that it makes a lot of sense for many organizations to move to hybrid cloud solutions.

Many IT leaders are understandably hesitant about moving their IT infrastructure and critical workloads to the public cloud. In addition to public cloud security issues, they’re worried about losing visibility and control of their IT resources and data.

Ironically, many IT leaders don’t really know what’s in their IT environment, which means they have less visibility and control than they think. Recent ransomware and wiperware outbreaks have illuminated how few organizations have accurate records of what IT resources were operating in their environments, or even the status of the known systems. While this is due in part to the rapid adoption of things like shadow IT, it is also frequently the result of such things as personnel changes, mergers, and acquisitions. For many organizations, conducting a full network analysis before transitioning some of their network resources to the cloud is the first time an IT leader is able to scope a full and accurate view of what their IT environment looks like.

That has to be done before you can secure your hybrid cloud environment.

Where to Start

IT leaders need to know the delineation of responsibility between them and their cloud provider. That depends on whether their cloud provider is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

A clear understanding of how much of the stack they are responsible for managing will drive the strategy for securing their hybrid cloud environment.

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment
Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Key Strategies

Key strategies include knowing what’s running on your network, where things running on your network are being used and where users are connecting, why the things running on your network are being used, who is using the things running on your network and when.

Then, turn off what is not being used.

Unique Risks

Credential management is the biggest risk. Lots of cloud services are set up with security as an afterthought. Non-IT-trained people are setting up sharing services with things like non-expiring links, so confidential and proprietary information is sitting outside your network.

Help Wanted

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