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Compare the Microsoft Premier Support SLA to the New MS Unified SLA for Initial Response Times (IRT).  Improve Your MS Premier Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) with US Cloud’s 5x Faster Initial Response Time (IRT).  All US Cloud Premier Support Customers Get a Live, USA-Based, 6 Minute, Initial Response Service Level Agreement (SLA), 24/7/365, On-Premises or in Any Cloud.  Gartner Reports 25-30% Cost Savings with Less than 1% Tickets Escalated to Microsoft.  Get Pricing Now.

Microsoft Premier Support SLA

Initial Response Time

US Cloud Premier Support SLA - 5x Faster
1 hour catastrophic or critical; otherwise, 2 hours during business hours 1 hour critical; 8 hours standard 1 hour critical; 4 hours standard 30 minutes critical; 4 hours standard 6 minutes

Better SLA

Is your issue business critical? US Cloud has six-minute Standard Level Agreement (SLA), which means a live, USA-based engineer will respond to your ticket within six minutes, 24/7/365, and begin working the issue.

Better Pricing

US Cloud Premier Support has 25-30% better pricing than Microsoft Unified Support. Microsoft is moving all of its Premier Support customers to Unified Support, which has unlimited reactive support hours, but Gartner research shows that it will cost most companies 25-30% more.

Better Alternative

US Cloud is a Microsoft certified partner with 20+ years experience with Microsoft technologies. We have managed 2.1 billion logins as a managed service provider. Our Premier Support is custom fit so that you can choose what support you need and which products you need covered.

Hours Never Expire

If you don’t use all your support hours, they just roll over into your next year

100% USA-Based

Your call will not be transferred to an overseas call center. US Cloud, and all of its staff, are based in St. Louis, Missouri.

On-Premises or Any Cloud

US Cloud Premier Support is available wherever you need a safety net