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The Microsoft Services Hub is your portal for Microsoft Unified Support. Register to conveniently optimize support efforts and maximize your enterprise IT uptime.

Microsoft Services Hub - Register

Why Register in the Microsoft Services Hub?

Open Support Request | Permissions | Cloud Consent | Support Reporting

You should register in the MS Services Hub to take full advantage of your Microsoft support resources and drive the results you need.
Microsoft Services Hub registration allows you to open support requests, set permissions, give Cloud consent, and view support reports and trends analytics.

Register at Microsoft Services Hub

Service Hub: Register to Open Support Requests

To open a support request, click “Support” from the primary navigation ribbon and then click the “Open a support request” button at the top of the page.

  • Start by completing the New Support Request form.
  • Select your product and describe the issue.
  • Describe the severity of the issue and level of support required.
  • Provide your contact information and preferred contact method.
  • Verify the details of the new Microsoft Support request.

Only a Support Contact can open a support request in the Microsoft Services Hub.

MSFT Service Hub Register to Open Support Ticket

MS Services Hub Register to Set Permissions

Service Hub: Register to Set Permissions


Services Admin

The Services Admin can:

  • Manage agreements
  • Manage workspaces
  • Designate Global Admins
  • Create workspace groups
  • Open Support Request in all workspaces

Global Admin

A Global Admin can:

  • Manage agreements
  • Manage workspaces
  • Designate Global Admins
  • Create workspace groups

Workspace Admin

A Workspace Admin can:

  • Create workspace groups

Permissions admins can grant

Services Admins, Global Admins, and Workspace Admins can grant the following permissions:

  • Assign workspace administrators
  • Designate support contacts
  • Permissions to manage users
  • Permissions to invite users
  • Setup & config IT health Assessments
  • Access to learning content
  • View Customer Activity
  • View shared files
  • Access to Customer Pulse survey


General users have unlimited access to Services Hub’s digital experiences. Here’s what you can do if your admin gives you permissions:

  • Invite users to join Services Hub
  • Explore Services Catalog and request information
  • View your Microsoft and View Support Requests
  • Access on-demand learning content
  • View and participate in live and recorded webcastsorganization’s contacts


Depending on your organization’s needs, you may be granted additional permissions to perform the following:

Support contact permissions

Your Services Admin may grant you Support Contact permissions.

  • Create Microsoft support requests for your organization
  • View all support request summaries you have access to

Service Hub: Register to Give Cloud Consent

Cloud Consent

Privacy restrictions require additional steps be taken to show support requests created in cloud portals on the Services Hub. To ensure that these cases show up properly, Office 365 tenant administrators who have opened a support request, Azure Admins or Contributor users will need to provide consent for showing these cases in the Services Hub.

Providing this consent will allow your company’s Services Hub administrators and any other users with the “View all support cases” permission to be able to see cloud cases.

  • Consent needs to be provided for each Office 365 tenant/Azure subscription linked to your Support agreement
  • Consent for each tenant/subscription must be provided by an associated tenant/subscription administrator
  • Consent can be granted within the Services Hub by such tenant/subscription admins that are also registered Services Hub users

Q: What role or permission do I need to provide consent?

A: Users must be one of the following:

  • Office 365 Administrators who have opened a support request
  • Azure Administrators
  • Azure Support Contributors

Microsoft Services Hug Register to Give Cloud Consent

MS Services Hub Register for Support Reporting

Service Hub: Register to Get Support Reporting

Unified Support Reporting & Trends

Users can now perform self-service reporting and trend analysis against their support information on the Support landing page.

Underneath the blue banner is the Recently updated support requests section. Users can see their two most recently updated support requests in this section and understand their status and activity against them at a glance.

Next is the reactive support request history section, which displays a summarized view of your cases opened by product in your current workspace, going back the last 18 months. Filters on Case State, Time Period, Severity (Initial, Current, Max), and/or Product Family can be applied to drill into specific information in this section.

We’ve taken the most common question that CSAMs (formerly TAMs) get asked and turned it into a filterable KPI tile to help you understand:

  • How many support requests have you submitted?
    • See the total number of cases that you have submitted, as well as how your case submission has changed over the last time period.

Microsoft Services Hub Register for Unified Support ReportingOn the number of support requests histogram, users can understand which products they are requesting the most support for. An additional reporting layer on top of this histogram will show the Case Details Page incident trend analysis driving case volume. This will help you understand the root cause (people, process, technology) of your support requests. The purpose of this categorization is to drive relevant recommendations on the Services Hub, which includes services like assessments, workshops and training that can improve the efficiency of each customer’s organization and reduce the need for reactive support in the future.

See the reactive support request history section for a summarized view of your cases opened by product going back the last 18 months. Filters on Case State, Time Period, Severity, and/or Product Family can be applied to drill into specific information in this section.

Export Unified Case Data

Customer users can export and download a copy of their Unified support case data by clicking the “Export data” button on the top right of the history section.

MS Service Hub - Register to Export Unified support Cases

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