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The #1 Microsoft Unified Support Alternative is US Cloud

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  • Unified Support program details

  • How to audit your Unified agreement

  • Potential contract pitfalls

  • Summary of current alternatives in the market

Microsoft Premier & Unified Support - 30-50 % Cost Savings
MS Premier/Unified Support - All domestic US engineers at US Cloud
US Cloud Trusted by Fortune 500 Enterprises for Microsoft Premier/Unified Support

15 Minute   Response from   Live Engineer

All US Based   Engineering   Teams

Managed Microsoft  Escalations

20+ Years MSFT Product Support

Trusted by Midsized to Large  Global Enterprises

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Cut your support costs IN HALF, while getting 4x faster response times vs. Microsoft.  

Agreements include all US Citizen support engineers, TAMs/DSEs for all Microsoft technologies and written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations when necessary.

US Cloud is the ONLY true replacement for Microsoft Premier & Unified Support

Call 800-200-8440 to save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support at US Cloud
US Cloud supports all Microsoft products - 20 years experience
Microsoft Enterprise Support - 15 Min Response SLA at US Cloud

You're just 60 seconds away from Unified Support insider secrets from analysts and professional MSFT negotiators 

Managed MSFT ticket escalation with US Cloud Premier Support

Our primary mission is to help companies get the most out of their Microsoft software. And for some, Microsoft Support is still the right fit. But with Unified Support straining many IT budgets, it’s imperative to get the most from your agreement.

Microsoft Unified Support Agreements - 2021 Savings Guide by US Cloud

US Cloud is the #1 alternative to Microsoft Premier/Unified Support