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Get Your Office 365 Security Score to Identify Your Security Risks and Vulnerabilities.  Remediate Office 365 Security Issues with US Cloud to Prevent Data Breaches.  Top Concerns Include Secure Email, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Message Encryption, and Azure AD Connect.

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Office 365 Security Services

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Message Encryption
  • Rights Management Protection
  • and More

Office 365 Security Risks

  • Data Leaks
  • Unmanaged Devices
  • Unprotected Channels
  • and More

Office 365 Secure Email

  • Compliance Ready
  • Full Encryption
  • ATP, EOP, or Third-Party Protection
  • Retention Policies

Get Your Office 365 Security Score

Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. The higher the score the better.

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Anyone who has admin permissions (global admin or a custom admin role) for an Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise subscription can access the Secure Score at Users who aren’t assigned an admin role won’t be able to access Secure Score. However, admins can use the tool to share their results with other people in their organization.

Secure Score figures out what Office 365 services you’re using (like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange) then looks at your settings and activities and compares them to a baseline established by Microsoft. You’ll get a score based on how aligned you are with best security practices.

US Cloud can help you improve your score. Our all-USA-based security experts will work with your team to help increase security and reduce risks.

Next Steps

  1. Get your Office 365 Security Score from Microsoft.
  2. Engage US Cloud. We’ll do an assessment and work with you to roadmap how to improve your security posture.