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Get Penetration Testing as a Service at US Cloud to Discover Vulnerabilities Before They Can Be Exploited.  Penetration Testing Services for AWS, Web Applications, Websites, Networks and more.  Stay Compliant with Regular Security Checkups.  Demonstrate the Security Level of Your Key Systems and Infrastructure with a Penetration Test from US Cloud.  Get Pricing Now.

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You are the last line of defense

Responsibility for protecting your organization’s systems architecture, networks, infrastructure and more lies squarely upon your shoulders.

The good news?

You don’t have to go it alone. We can be your trusted advisor to help you create and implement a best-in-class cybersecurity strategy that aligns to your needs.

Our experienced team of counterintelligence agents will help you maximize security and efficiency in a true team environment with complete cooperation. Unlike many companies, US Cloud will work with you, rather than with the goal of replacing you, or downgrading your value within your organization.

What is penetration testing?

The science of ethically hacking your own system, or in this case, allowing our team of Certified Ethical Hackers to attempt to breach or exploit of your system’s defenses both externally and internally.

How will we conduct the penetration test?

We will exploit your system’s vulnerabilities in an effort to determine whether unauthorized access or other forms of malicious, exploitative and damaging activity is possible by:

  • Running an array of both automated scanning and manual hacking tools, often referred to as dynamic and static analysis tools
  • Using the same methodologies for hacking systems that a hacker from the most novice to the most advanced level would employ
  • Employing rigorous and intuitive manual testing, using both business and criminal logic, in an attempt to find any weaknesses that would allow a point of entry to an adversary

What should I expect after the penetration test is complete?

Once all vulnerabilities, unauthorized access points, and network weaknesses have been exploited, we will provide a final deliverable, detailing all targeted areas which make you vulnerable to attack such as:

  • Possible unknown breaches and malware detection
  • Pre-existing vulnerabilities within both PCs / servers and networking devices
  • Security design gaps
  • Potential threats, internally and externally
  • Operational security control concerns and vulnerabilities
  • Custom assessments based upon your industry, exposure and needs (i.e. critical infrastructure / SCADA networks)
Once corrective actions have taken place, US Cloud will recommend a follow-up or secondary penetration test to ensure your new security measures properly fortify your network and repel the previously identified exploits from successfully compromising the integrity of your network again.

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Internal Penetration Test and Security Controls Review
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