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"Working with US Cloud has been a pleasure. Every ticket I've opened with them has been resolved in three business days or less,  including one Microsoft gave up on after three weeks."

Ryan H

IT Support Manager, Multinational Oil & Gas Company

US Cloud is the ONLY true replacement for Microsoft Premier & Unified Support

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All US Citizens   ITAR/DFARS    Compliant

72k Tickets Solved SLAs for Managed MSFT Escalations

20+ Years MSFT Product Experience

Trusted by   Fortune 500  Worldwide

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Cut your support costs IN HALF, while getting 5x faster response times vs. Microsoft.  

Agreements include all US Citizen support engineers, TAM's/DSE's for all Microsoft technologies and written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations when necessary.

Plus, cross-platform support for AWS, Cisco, VMware and others.

US Cloud is the ONLY true replacement for Microsoft Premier & Unified Support