US Cloud Engineering Team

The best Microsoft support engineers in the industry work for US Cloud

Our Microsoft Premier Support Engineers are the heart of US Cloud. Many are former Microsoft employees and all of them are screened, tested, measured, and compensated to ensure we maintain the highest quality MSFT support capability possible.

100% USA-Based Engineers

US Cloud boasts a 100% USA-based, domestic engineering corps with senior-level, Microsoft-certified engineers staffed 24/7 for our clients. We support several large US Federal Government agencies that require “support sovereignty” from their partners, meaning none of their data ever leaves US territory. This means that all of our engineers hail from the US and are located in-country. Unlike Microsoft and other providers, we NEVER use off-shore resources or foreign contractors. This closes a huge security hole that often goes overlooked, as well as providing frictionless communication and better service for our customers day-to-day.

Senior Engineers on Tap

US Cloud employs engineering talent capable of troubleshooting and solving some of the most difficult issues for the world’s biggest, most sophisticated companies. Unlike competitors who try and use junior MSP-level staff overnight or “borrow” higher level project engineers that don’t typically work break-fix issues, US Cloud engineers are dedicated, reactive support specialists.

A few statistics regarding our Premier Support Engineers:
• Level 2.5 through Level 4 engineers
• 14 years average MSFT technology experience
• All Microsoft-certified
• Gold Competencies across MSFT technologies
• Large number of former MSFT engineers
• Elite MSFT DSE resources on staff
• 100% USA-based and sourced

Integrated Teams by Design

Unlike Microsoft, US Cloud employs integrated, cross-technology teams in “pod” structures. We created this structure to avoid the “starting all over again” experience when Microsoft Support transfers you from one product silo to another. US Cloud’s holistic approach has proven to be invaluable when diagnosing issues often caused by the interaction of different products. This structured collaboration is one of the reasons that our Time-to-Resolution is approximately 20% faster than Microsoft.

Dedicated Resourcing and Escalation Teams

US Cloud closed 86% of tickets without Microsoft or partner support

Not all our engineers are simply working tickets. We have specialized engineering teams that triage, assess, and route tickets to the best resource for that issue. This team also monitors all tickets to look out for any issues and then proactively addresses potential problems, delays, etc. US Cloud also has some of our most experienced and senior engineers on our dedicated Escalation Desk. Other PRS Engineers can bump difficult tickets to this high-performance team if they are stuck. This senior team is also the group that decided what needs to be escalated to Microsoft and then expedites that process.

DSE’s Available for All Technologies

US Cloud can provide Dedicated Support Engineers (DSE’s) for any Microsoft product category or use case. We have senior DSE’s on staff for major technologies like Azure, M365, SQL, SCCM, AD, Dynamics, and many others. We also have access to dozens of top-tier experts through our proprietary Elite Microsoft Partner Network. Regardless of your need, we can provide high-level DSE and advisory support for your most critical Microsoft projects.

Microsoft Premier and Unified Support Alternative - US Cloud

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