Working with Microsoft AFTER Leaving Premier/Unified

Access to Microsoft is still important even after saying goodbye to Premier or Unified Support

Moving to a 3rd party provider for your Microsoft product support does NOT mean you no longer need OEM involvement. Bug-fixes, tenant access, extreme edge-cases – it is important for third-party support providers and Microsoft clients to be able to engage Microsoft when necessary. So how does that work once you leave Unified?

Your Relationship with Microsoft

First of all, a common concern when considering support alternatives other than Microsoft is how it will affect your overarching relationship with such an important software partner. After 5 years of transitioning new clients away from Microsoft Premier and Unified Support, we have not seen a single instance of negative repercussions with Microsoft software sales or implementation. The Unified Support sales organization is completely separate from Microsoft license sales and product teams. While your Unified Support sales team may not be very happy, it will have zero impact on future EA negotiations or support for new software implementation.

Managed Escalations to Microsoft

Although most break-fix issues, even with Microsoft cloud products, can be addressed without Microsoft, some problems will definitely need the OEM’s access to tenants or code base. This is why any independent partner or service provider MUST have a proven and efficient path to Microsoft Support. US Cloud has spent the last five years creating, testing, and proving a consistent escalation path using Microsoft Premier Support for Partners. This gives us the ability to rapidly escalate high-severity tickets and lower-severity cloud tickets – which on average represents 10-15% of a typical client’s ticket submissions. We manage and coordinate these escalations for you, applying pressure and tracking down MSFT resources so your staff doesn’t have to.

Written SLA’s for Microsoft Escalations

It is critical when working with a third-party support provider to get written, contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that govern how and when a ticket must be submitted to Microsoft. Unfortunately, without these explicit terms, some providers will hold tickets too long in order to avoid costly escalations to the OEM. US Cloud provides comprehensive SLA’s governing Microsoft escalations in all our client contracts.

How often does US Cloud need to involve Microsoft?

US Cloud closed 86% of tickets without Microsoft or partner support

US Cloud has invested tens of millions in engineering in order to solve as many client tickets in-house as possible. In all of 2021, US Cloud closed 86% of tickets without Microsoft or partner support. And the vast majority of escalations were due to bugs or tenant issues. Our ability to solve so many issues ourselves is what keeps costs down and Time-to-Resolution lower than Microsoft.

Microsoft Premier and Unified Support Alternative - US Cloud

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