Case Studies

Case studies of former Microsoft Premier & MS Unified Support customers who have switched to US Cloud

Read case studies of industry leaders in hospital and healthcare, financial services, higher education and other verticals who have replaced Microsoft with US Cloud Support. US Cloud supports hundreds of Microsoft-centric companies and millions of end-users around the globe. Our high-quality, ultra-responsive 24/7 support is changing the Microsoft support landscape. But don’t take our word for it, read the case studies:
John Heartlein
Higher Education
Microsoft burned hours
There were times with Microsoft where we've burned 15 hours and have nothing to show for it. Some tickets are more complex, so they do take time. But I just really feel like US Cloud is focused on delivering value.
- John Heartlein
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Jeff Maxfield
Hospital and Health Care
How great it was to feel like somebody was putting me first
They [Microsoft] were all about contracts, all about money, all about getting paid. They were not about taking care of me. They were not about making sure that my patients weren’t impacted... So, we decided to move on. And we made it very clear when we signed on with US Cloud that this was our number one priority... I can’t tell you how great it was to feel like somebody was putting me first.
- Jeff Maxfield
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Bob Love
Financial Services
I just felt like, wow, that was amazing
And within an hour, within an hour, US Cloud responded with, I wanna say, 4 engineers. So not only did they bring the right guys to the call, but they brought the cavalry. And it was great because we needed that diversity because it was unique problem... And I just felt like, wow, that was amazing. That was unlike anything I had experienced with Microsoft in my eight years of being with premiere, so I was like…we made the right choice.
- Bob Love
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M365 - Defender
The number one thing is having a TAM
But for us, the number one thing is having a TAM that you can reach out to anytime. That has been super helpful. Microsoft got rid of that for those that don’t want to pay a lot of money. Having that TAM has been super helpful with US Cloud.
- Kim Berry
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Other Non-Microsoft
I was the one who stuck my hand up
I was the one who stuck my hand up and said, ‘hey, maybe we should try this’ because for me nothing ventured, nothing gained, and it sends a message to these big companies [Microsoft] that we’re not gonna put up with it.
- Wendy Hofman
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