Fortune 500 Proven

Superior Microsoft support for even the largest of enterprises

Proven Microsoft Support used by 51+ Fortune 500’s and Global 2000’s

• A top five retail Bank
• The #4 Insurance company in the USA
• A leading American Healthcare provider
• The #1 GPS Device brand worldwide
• The third largest Managed Care company in the US
• The largest Industrial Manufacturer in Europe
• The biggest Private Company on earth
• Five major US Federal Agencies
• And many, many more…

All of these large organizations made the switch from Microsoft Unified Support to US Cloud. Why are we telling you this? If we can support 50+ of the largest, most complex organizations in the world, we can handle your Microsoft support as well.

And we can do it while saving you 30-50% vs. MSFT Unified — all while improving service levels and shortening your Time-To-Resolution.

Whether your company does $50 million in annual revenue or $50 billion, US Cloud has got you covered.

Microsoft Premier and Unified Support Alternative - US Cloud

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Save 30-50% with US Cloud

Enterprises worldwide are replacing Microsoft with US Cloud to save 30-50% on support costs.

Enjoy ultra-responsive, 24/7 fanatical global support from domestic US teams while freeing up funds to invest in innovation, create competitive advantage, and drive growth.