Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support.


Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support makes technology work for you. As your enterprise transforms to utilize the power of Microsoft, so must your people, your processes, and your support. To succeed in today’s way of working, you need your technology to evolve with you and you need your MSFT support to do the same.

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support

What is Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support?

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support drives the outcomes your enterprise needs the most. Unified Enterprise is designed to match the needs of your organization by providing comprehensive support coverage for your entire Microsoft portfolio.

Accelerate the value of your business-critical solutions with personalized support delivered through a mix of reactive, proactive, and in-depth support solutions. With Microsoft technical expertise behind you, Unified Enterprise empowers you to innovate, grow, and win.

What is Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support

Benefits of Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support

MSFT Unified Enterprise UptimeMaximize enterprise uptime. Unified Enterprise helps you keep your business running smoothly with organization-wide reactive support, escalation management, and elevated care for your business-critical solutions. Maintain your business continuity with as-needed technical support for your entire organization. If an issue does occur, get resolution quickly with escalation management. You’ll also receive faster cloud support across your organization with 15-minute response for Azure Critical Business System Down (Severity 1) incidents. And, with On-Demand Assessment tools and tailored recommendations, you can more easily mitigate risks allowing you to take better control of your IT health.

MS Unified Enterprise Support BenefitsReceive personalized enterprise guidance. With Unified Enterprise, you can partner with a team who knows your business—and can get you results. A designated Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) will work with you directly to plan and execute against your business strategies. You also gain flexibility with tailored plans to proactively manage the health of your solutions, while leveraging proven Microsoft tools and methodologies. Finally, you can ensure you have the right expert resource at the right time to maximize the value of your Microsoft investment.

Unified Enterprise Benefit - GuidanceEmpower your enterprise to do more. You can solve even the most complex IT challenges with Unified Enterprise, while accelerating your success through technical training, proactive engagements, and specialized engineering services. Unified Enterprise allows you to expand your team’s MSFT skills with Learning paths and live instructor-led Webcasts. Looking to stay on the leading-edge with Microsoft products and technologies? Recommended online learning is always at your fingertips. Finally, you can get assistance with configuration, setup, and “how to” scenarios through advisory support, so you’re able to take on whatever comes next in your enterprise.

MS Unified Enterprise Features

Technical Support (24/7) Expected response times:
– Critical Sev 1: 15-min for Azure / 1-hour for all other products
– 1-hour Sev A / 2-hour Sev B / 4-hour Sev C
Escalation Management – For Critical Business System Down issues, resource assigned after 15-minutes for Azure, or 1-hour for all other products
– For Critical Business System Degraded issues, resource assigned after 1-hour for all products
IT Health On-demand assessments with as-needed setup and configuration services
Cloud Assistance Billing support provided by the Azure Support team (included in the free support)
Account Management Assigned Customer Success Account Manager
Advisory Support Advisory Phone Support (limited to six hours or less per incident)
Technical Training On-demand videos, hands-on labs, learning paths, and expert-led webcasts
Proactive Services Available as allowance or Add-on: Expert-led, solution-specific engagements designed to help customers onboard and optimize their key solutions with services for Well-Architected, Server Migration, Security, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Analytics, and more
Enhanced Solutions Available as allowance or Add-on: Relationship-driven, in-depth support experiences, including Support for Mission Critical, Designated Support Engineering, Azure Rapid Response, Azure Event Management, Office 365 Engineering Direct, Developer Support

Unified Enterprise Support

MS Unified Enterprise Support helps you maximize uptime, receive personalized guidance, and empowers you to do more.

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support Pricing

Unified Enterprise support pricing is based on your historical annual IT spend at Microsoft:
  • Previous 12-months of cloud services purchased
  • All license-only purchases made in the last 60 months
  • Previous 12-months of Software Assurance (SA) purchases

Modern Work
Biz Apps
$0 – $1.8M 10% $0 to $1.5M 8% 8% 8% 10%
$1.8M – $6M 7% $1.5M to $3M 7% 7% 7% 9%
$6M – $12M 5% $3M to $6M 6% 6% 6% 8%
$12M – $30M 3% $6M to $15M 5% 5% 5% 7%
$30M – $60M 2.25% >$15M 4% 4% 4% 6%
$60M – $120M 2%
>$120M*  1.75%

* Rates are graduated, so if a customer has $6M in annual Azure spend, it would be calculated as 10% of the first $1.8M and 7% of the next $4.2M ($6M-$1.8M).

Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support

Proven alternatives to Unified Enterprise are available. These viable alternatives to Unified Enterprise deliver exceptional value as your spend with Microsoft increases.

Per Gartner, Third-party Microsoft Support providers deliver significant cost savings and quality that is comparable to or better, in some categories of service delivery, than Microsoft.

Unified Enterprise - Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Coverage

Get coverage for your all your business-critical Microsoft products and cloud services and receive 4x faster response times than Microsoft.

Stay in compliance by using only US domestic teams for support delivery – guaranteed in your US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Support contract.

Better Than Industry-Standard

Microsoft Unified Enterprise rates start at 8-10% which is industry-standard for software and cloud vendors per MSFT.

But why pay more for lackluster support and services you don’t need? 30-50% savings is possible with a proven third-party Microsoft Support provider.

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support - Industry Standard

Microsoft Unified Enterprise Support Rates

Predictable Lower Rates

Pay a lower rate for your Microsoft support needs as your MSFT cloud spend increases.

US Cloud clients are saving an average of 176% over 5 years when they overlay their 5 year IT roadmap with their Unified Enterprise cost forecasts. Enterprises are locking in US Cloud low rates with 3 year contracts for another 10-12% inflation savings.

Improved Support Experience

Enterprises are replacing Microsoft with US Cloud for cost reduction and increased quality.

Financially-backed Service Level Agreements (SLA) for response time, engagement, and escalations stand behind service quality.  While year-over-year improving Net Promotor Scores (NPS) scores and Time-to-Resolution (TTR) demonstrate a commitment to support excellence.

Unified Enterprise Support Experience

Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support