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Microsoft’s Unified Enterprise Support Myths.

Watch Microsoft’s Support Myths - 6 Ways Microsoft Lies About Third-Party Support

Is the MS Unified sales team telling the truth about what third-party support providers can do for enterprises? Hint: Uh no, they are not. Get US Cloud’s take on Microsoft’s most recent fear-mongering, including information about on-premise Microsoft software support, priority ticket routing, and enterprise escalation details from Mike Jones, VP of Product Development, US Cloud.

Get the Full List of Microsoft’s Support Myths - Microsoft Unified Sales Fact Check White Paper

Download the Microsoft Unified Sales Fact Check White Paper
Download the Microsoft Unified Sales Fact Check White Paper

Instant Download: Microsoft Unified Sales Fact Check White Paper (PDF)

Myth #1: Third parties offer no support for on-premise, which includes cloud services running on Azure. False.

  • US Cloud offers at least 25% faster on-prem resolution for all Microsoft tech, Azure included.
  • 30-50% lower costs coupled with faster resolution = nervous Microsoft.

Myth #2: Third parties offer no priority routing for critical case incidents and expedited response. False.

  • US Cloud offers 15-minute response times.
  • Enterprises get mission critical or rapid response as needed.
  • Critical cases go to the most experienced Microsoft-cert engineers.

Myth #3: Third parties offer no support for products past Extended support. False.

  • Products last on average for 10-13 years and can be extended further with a little help.
  • US Cloud assists in keeping your products running smoothly for its full lifespan.

Myth #4: You will only have a relationship with US Cloud while partnered with them. You won’t have any direct relationship or contact with Microsoft at all. False.

  • You keep your Enterprise Agreement and negotiate with Microsoft to license their software.
  • We’ve had zero clients see an EA or Microsoft relationship harmed by leaving Premier/Unified for us.

Myth #5: Third Parties are only staffed during business hours. False.

  • Whereas Microsoft has incident hours 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, M-F, US Cloud offers 24/7/365 with 15-minute response times regardless of severity.
  • Ticket response time with Microsoft is based on ticket severity, and the amount of money you spend on them.

Myth #6: Third Parties like US Cloud cannot escalate customer issues to Microsoft. False.

  • US Cloud has created an escalation workflow through our elite managed service provider (MSP) network.
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